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This is the “go-to” site for those who are interested in astrology and astrological research. It is a platform for interesting developments in the field of science-based astrology, and also, a forum for an ongoing discussion of the recently discovered phenomena known as: “The Astrological Attraction-Repulsion Pattern.”

We hope you will enjoy our updated Daily Planet Astrology sections that include:

  • Research on the newly re-discovered Astrological Attraction and Repulsion Pattern – that has an impact on everyone’s interpersonal relationships and on the quality of one’s physical and psychic energy.
  • A guide to interpersonal Astrological Relationships for every sign of the zodiac.
  • A free, printable, monthly Transit Calendar and Transit Diary.
  • “How-To” instructions for using Transit Calendars and Transit Diaries that are designed to help you understand the effects of the movement of the Sun and Moon on your daily life.
  • A section dedicated to AstroMythology that reveals the essential nature of each of the 12 astrological signs (and the 13th as well).
    And much more …