An Easy Accord
Aquarius + Gemini
Aquarius + Libra
Aquarius” from Llewellyn’s 2005 Astrological Calendar

Aquarius people relate well to natives of fellow Air Signs Gemini and Libra. Geminis’ mental versatility and experimental approach to life appeals to intellectually oriented Aquarians. As connoisseurs of the unconventional, Aquarians also get a kick out of Gemini people’s irrepressible wish to toy with everything and play the trickster. This pair is a highly compatible team but problems of trust must be dealt with for the relationship to thrive. In order to inspire faith in the growth of the relationship, Gemini’s may have to repress the desire to tease and /or hoodwink their Aquarian counterpart and Aquarians must refrain from the habitual tendency to reverse promises as plans change.
Aquarius + Libra relationships are usually easy going and stimulating. Natives of both signs have a reserved, almost uninvolved, view of life which promotes mutual understanding. However, though Aquarians and Librans share a similar cerebral perspective, their approach to practical affairs can be quite different. Aquarians tend to dismiss social conventions unceremoniously, which can stir up trouble. And though Libras may feel that certain social conventions are absurd, they observe them nonetheless, in order to make their lives more pleasant and to avoid censure. This difference in the Libran and Aquarian attitude toward their social persona is often the issue that sinks the relationship. For a successful business partnership, friendship, romantic liaison, etc. Libra + Aquarius partners must agree on what comprises acceptable behavior and act in accordance with this agreement.

Stimulating and Entertaining
Aquarius + Aries and
Aquarius + Sagittarius
Aquarians get along with the Fire Signs – Aries and Sagittarius. Aquarius + Aries and Aquarius + Sagittarius relationships are usually dynamic and rather exciting. Unions between astrological signs that are 60 degrees (or two signs) apart require participants to make only minor ego adjustments in order to maintain an enjoyable equanimity. Aquarians are charmed by the innocent, straight-forward enthusiasm of the Aries nature. And Aries natives bring a lively energy to the union which introduces new realms of experience to Aquarians. The Aquarius + Sagittarius relationship also stimulates Aquarian partners by shaking up their fixed-sign tendency of insisting on doing things their way. While cardinal-sign Aries people favor action, mutable-sign Sagittarius people help Aquarians to break up fixed mental-habits and to maintain an inclusive and flexible outlook. Aquarians can have happy and productive relationships of all types with Sagittarius and Aries natives – as long as everyone remembers that each individual has his or her own dream and must work independently to fulfill it.
A Celestial Alliance
Aquarius + Pisces and
Aquarius + Capricorn
Generally speaking, adjacent astrological signs are best suited for business partnerships. However, personal relationships between adjacent signs can flourish when participants approach shared goals with a business–like attitude. Aquarius natives tend to be forward-thinking and intuitive, and over time this can foster a belief that they know what is best. Aquarius + Pisces relationships can be eye-opening for Aquarians because Pisces people often have a more complete feel for the best strategies and fruitful directions for shared undertakings. This reality may rattle Aquarians’ faith in their own long view; but those who feel secure in their worth, can appreciate the fact that better ideas are a real help toward achieving one’s aims. The Aquarian + Capricorn union is a relationship that is also positively linked through complementary strengths. Capricorns provide constancy and patient work efforts that gradually advance projects while Aquarian partners maintain a bubbling “think-tank” where new ideas and new directions can be explored. Personal relationships between Aquarius + Pisces and Aquarius + Capricorn are most rewarding when a shared project is always in the works.
The Odd Couple
Aquarius + Virgo
Due to the law of astrological influence those born with Sun in Aquarius feel compelled to offer support to Virgo natives. On first acquaintance Aquarians and Virgo people size each other up carefully. Aquarians are almost immediately aware of Virgoan reserve and the tendency toward social correctness, and this may cause Aquarians to feel confined or somehow inhibited. For their part, Virgos recognize how unusual Aquarians are, and may think them odd or worry about their own emotional safety around those who can be unpredictable. But given enough time to get to know one another, Aquarians develop a deep respect for the sweet Virgoan nature and their sense of fair play. And modest Virgos, who often suffer for social invisibility, really like being “seen” by their Aquarian compatriots. Virgos also feel relieved to bask in Aquarian approval and tend to understand this as a reversal of the world’s long withheld appreciation. In return for the supportive energy offered – Virgos like Aquarius people too. Though Virgos are often amused by Aquarian eccentricity, at times they find it annoying. But beyond the human tendency to like those who like us, there are many reasons why Aquarius + Virgo unions of all types can be very positive. This is possible when partners understand that this pairing (of signs that are 150 degrees or five signs apart) is not a natural balance and that the relationship must be handled delicately … or you ruin the spell.
You Have a Cosmic Consigliere
Aquarius + Cancer
Just as those born with Sun in Aquarius must, by the law of astrological influence, offer help to Virgos, those born with Sun in Cancer feel a wish to support Aquarians. Cancers are amused by the off-beat social style typical of Aquarius natives and they experience an enjoyable sense of freedom in Aquarian company. Aquarius people also enjoy the playfulness that is characteristic of their Cancer associates. There is usually a great deal of laughter in Aquarius + Cancer unions and their united energy tends to ”whee-up” everyone this pair comes in contact with. Because Aquarians have humanitarian interests and care about the human condition, Cancers, the pre-eminent care-givers of the Zodiac, usually approve of them without reservation. Cancers enrich the intellectually-skewed Aquarian experience by demonstrating emotionally caring behavior (as opposed the physical caring that Virgos model). Cancer natives show Aquarians how to translate their philosophical ideals into compassionate action. Aquarius + Cancer relationships of all types have a good chance for a long life when a balance is maintained between the light, hopeful outlook associated with Aquarius and the serious business of need that Cancers understand through and through.
Flying High
Aquarius + quarius
In personal and romantic relationships Aquarius + Aquarius partners can be a rather platonic duo. These partners often approve of each other’s ideas and interests, and they allow a great deal of freedom to one another for pursuing individual goals; but so much “space” is given and there is so much open-ended tolerance it can feel like there is little or no emotional glue to hold the relationship together. Aquarians are often surprised to find that they have failed to notice the emotional disconnection that comes from sharing neither activities, common endeavors, nor time together. Aquarius + Aquarius relationships within one’s family, among friends, business partners, or between colleagues can be very pleasant but these unions are best when a feeling of equality among peers exists. It is good to remember that as a fixed sign Aquarius natives, no matter how liberal, want to have their way, so attention to fair play and the conscientious sharing of power is essential for successful Aquarius + Aquarius pairings.
You are Enthralled
Aquarius + Scorpio
Those born with Sun in Aquarius are enthralled by Scorpio natives and feel a deep sense of fascination for their characteristic emotional intensity. The strength of feeling Scorpios exude is foreign and seems exotic to cool, cerebral Aquarians, and at first Aquarius natives understand this emotional power as a measure of seriousness. Later Aquarians find that the emotional intensity of Scorpio people may be connected to frustration, anger or obsessive worrying. Aquarius natives are also impressed by the natural protectiveness felt by Scorpios, even though they may be shaken by the ferocity with which this can be expressed. In the company of Scorpios Aquarians display the law of astrological influence-linked behavior of one who is smitten. Aquarians may feel pulled off their center of gravity, or a bit giddy. They are also inexplicably tongue-tied and physically distracted in the presence of Scorpios. Whether they like it or not Aquarian energy seems to flow toward their Scorpio object of interest.
If the Scorpio-native who is the focal point for Aquarian energy is in need, the energy given and received may be in balance and the relationship can maintain its balance too; but, on the other hand, as soon as the Scorpio partner is no longer in need – the tide of Aquarian energy flowing toward them can feel overwhelming. This energy dynamic is particularly visible in intimate Aquarius + Scorpio relationships but it is also a strong undercurrent in friendships, business partnerships, in non-peer relationships, and even among family members (with the exception of relationships with Scorpios who are under the age of 21 and do not fully express the Scorpio nature). The Aquarius + Scorpio relationship, like all relationships between signs that are 90 degrees (or three signs) apart, has tremendous power potential, but the dynamic between the signs must be understood, and the effort needed to keep the available energy focused must be accepted, in order to maintain a satisfying union. The strength required for this task might be likened to picking up and directing a jet of water from a fire hose that is spraying at full volume.
You Feel a Nervous Energy
Aquarius + Taurus
The Aquarius + Taurus union is another relationship between signs that are in “square” aspect; that is, signs that are 90 degrees or three signs apart. It is good to remember that social connections between signs in square aspect are dramatically imbalanced. The Aquarius + Taurus union is the reverse of the Aquarius + Scorpio union, and just as Aquarians are drawn to Scorpios, Taurians are strongly drawn to those born with Sun in Aquarius. Many explanations can be offered to account for the attraction but, in the end, the fascination is actually an expression of the law of astrological influence. Because of this organic reality Taurus people really enjoy the company of Aquarians and feel a wish to spend time with them. Though Aquarius people are able to appreciate the fine sensibility, talent and intelligence Taurus people may possess, they often feel unaccountably uncomfortable when in close contact. Aquarians might feel torn, or even guilty, because they willingly accept (and feel quite grateful for) the positive support Taureans offer. But no matter how they rationalize – Aquarians become more and more nervous when Taurus natives hope for real intimacy or in any way inhibit their prerogative, or as they see it, their freedom. Nonetheless, there are Aquarius + Taurus relationships of all kinds that work well. No doubt this success is facilitated by both individuals recognizing the challenging energy quality that exits between them. (Please note: this relationship dynamic does not apply to Taurus people under 21 years of age who are not yet fully expressing the Taurus nature.) It is also important for Aquarians to value the encouraging energy they receive from Taurus natives and never take it for granted.
Driving with the Breaks On
Aquarius + Leo
Relationships between astrological opposites are always a testing experience. And Aquarius + Leo unions pose a particular challenge to both individuals’ tempos. One’s counterparts always seem either to be dragging their heels or to be pushing one to proceed so quickly that it is unpleasant. If one “passes the test” and gives way, or permits a modification to one’s own natural rhythm – allowing both to proceed together, there is a reward. The reward is access to a world view and understanding that is enlightening and unavailable without the relationship. Cooperation is the path to success for Aquarius + Leo relationships of all types. Often that which is gained through making this yielding effort – is priceless.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.