Aries + Leo and Aries + Sagittarius
Aries people have an easy time relating to those who are born with Sun in Leo and Sagittarius. The combined energy of the Aries + Leo and also Aries + Sagittarius promotes a sense of relaxation. There is a natural openness in communication between the fire signs that supports creative endeavors. In romantic relationships Aries people may initially feel that Leo or Sagittarian partners are not exciting enough, but when life offers even the slightest bit of turbulence, the stability and concordant feel of the fire + fire connections is highly valued.
Easy and Enriching
Aries + Gemini and Aries + Aquarius
Although a little give and take is required, people born with Sun in Aquarius and Sun in Gemini make good companions for Aries. These air signs introduce Aries to the new and unexpected. Aries + Aquarius relationships are intellectually stimulating, while Aries + Gemini unions have an exciting adventurous quality. Both signs broaden the Aries horizon even though their ultimate goals can be quite different. These liaisons work best when Ariens monitor everyone’s goals for compatibility, and make certain that each is working toward what he or she really wants.
Aries + Pisces and Aries + Taurus
Partnerships between Aries + Pisces people can be wonderfully successful. Pisceans bring a sound, supportive background to projects while Aries people are able to foresee the next step in developmental strategies. This dynamic is the same for Aries + Taurus relationships but with reversed roles… here Ariens supply the broad background experience and Taurians bring a feel for future directions. Without a shared object of interest the inter-personal exchange between these signs may be adynamic. Having little to talk about makes personal relationships feel rather flat, so co-operative projects are needed to keep this union lively.
You Feel the Wish to Offer Help
Aries + Scorpio
Aries people feel a strong desire to help those who are born with Sun in Scorpio. Ariens tend to admire Scorpios and share their inclination to fight for the things they believe in and want. However, without the Scorpio muddle of intense emotional engagement, Aries people are less encumbered and are often better able to make headway toward their goals. Aries people model achievement-directed behavior and provide friendly support that can be very helpful to Scorpios. Acknowledgement of Aries gift of energy keeps the relationship vital.
You Receive Help
Aries + Virgo
Those born with their Sun in Virgo make good friends for Aries people. Virgos like the quality of Aries energy and wish to nurture the earnest Aries’ wish to create something important in life. Virgos offer concrete help to Ariens along with step-by-step advice for making progress toward realizing their dreams. Though the gradual Virgo pace can be bit too slow for impulsive Aries people, Virgo support is solid. This relationship blossoms when Aries people acknowledge the help Virgos give, and express their gratitude.
You Feel Crowded
Aries + Aries
Aries men get along very well with other Aries men because there is a natural entertainment found in something they share … the wish for friendly competition. But in relationships between Aries women, or between an individual Aries man and an Aries woman, where a competitive atmosphere may inhibit communication or promote disharmony, there is often an uncomfortable undercurrent that makes one feel ‘crowded’.
You feel Involuntary Attraction
Aries + Capricorn
Aries people usually feel drawn to people born with their Sun in Capricorn. It does not matter if the relationship is between business partners, peers, family members, or if it is romantic – Aries people feel a deep sense of approval for Capricorns and are magnetized by them. This attraction, that borders on fascination, is organic but is usually rationalized by Ariens who explain the appeal, saying things like: “I really like him/her because he/she is such a good; such an interesting; such an intelligent, etc. person.” Capricorns have trouble reciprocating the attraction experienced by Ariens, which can cause Aries people a great deal of sorrow or seriously rattle their self-esteem.
You Feel a Strange Discomfort
Aries + Cancer
Aries people feel inexplicably uncomfortable around Cancers. This is true for all types of relationships: business, friendship, romantic or familial (with the exception of Cancer children who until adulthood do not express their Sun sign but rather project an insubstantial expression of their Rising Sign). Even when Aries people appreciate Cancer’s abilities, talents, and their loyal support, they unconsciously distance themselves. In close personal relationships (such as those with a parent or a spouse) Aries people have to work a bit harder than they do with the other astrological signs in order to maintain a warm and appropriately attentive attitude.
You Experience a Broader Perspective
Aries + Libra
It is true… opposites attract, but it is also true that the Libra temperament and world view is, literally and figuratively, 180 degrees from that of Aries. Although this innate difference offers a challenge, if there is an active give-and-take between the signs, Aries people benefit. Librans model socially graceful and moderate behavior and can be valuable advisors offering a different, yet valid, perspective that Ariens often overlook. Personal relationships between Aries + Libra are enriched when both signs understand and value the qualities they lack that their opposite sign possesses.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.