Sure and Steady
Cancer + Scorpio and Cancer + Pisces
Cancers usually have stable and harmonious relationships with the other Water Signs – Scorpio and Pisces. All three Water Signs are complementary in their sensitivity, but Cancers’ sensitivity is particularly attuned to helping people. This is usually focused on the individual but may include helping groups with special needs or whole populations. Cancer + Scorpio relationships can be exciting and adventurous, though when allied together they sometimes project a punitive manner toward those that arouse their disapproval. The Cancer + Pisces union is a more low-key relationship, where a quiet and creative life is emphasized and physical culture (particularly dance) is often a shared passion. Although all Cancer + Scorpio and Cancer + Pisces pairings feel like friendship at first, the Water Sign relationships often deepen into love.
Easy and Amusing
Cancer + Virgo and Cancer + Taurus
Cancers relate well to those born under the Earth Signs Virgo and Taurus. Cancer + Virgo pairings share a down-to-earth and practical approach to life as well as an overseer-like role toward the work they do and the people they care for. Cancer + Taurus unions share an appreciation for the material necessities and comforts of life and both strive to acquire these. Although there is an easy understanding in Cancer + Virgo and Cancer + Taurus relationships, some accommodation for individual quirks must be made in order to maintain everyone’s happiness.
A Goal Oriented Union
Cancer + Leo and Cancer + Gemini
Cancer + Leo and Cancer + Gemini relationships are well suited for work toward a common goal. Cancer people bring a practical note to Cancer + Leo undertakings without squelching Leo’s flair and high spirits. And in Cancer + Gemini pairings Cancers bring an understanding of what others really want and need, which helps to balance Gemini’s high-flying notions regarding what would be interesting or fun. Both of these unions can be successful and gratifying and work best when a new project is always in the works.
You Feel the Urge to Help
Cancer + Aquarius
Those born with Sun in Cancer feel a strong impulse to befriend people with Sun in Aquarius. Cancers are amused by the Aquarian tendency to disregard convention and they also approve of the Aquarian concern for others. In turn, Aquarius natives love the essential Cancerian playful streak and their occasional foray into zaniness. This relationship works best when Cancers avoid parent-like directives and when Aquarians remember to express gratitude for the attentive energy they receive from their Cancer friends.
You Receive Support
Cancer + Sagittarius
Due to the laws of astrological influence Sagittarius natives wish to support Cancers. The expansive, indulgent Sagittarian nature stirs the playful side of Cancerians, providing a break from their care-taker concerns. Sagittarians always test social limits but they respond rather well to the sure and fair Cancer-style of limit-setting. Cancer + Sagittarius unions must accept ongoing adjustment in order to find a balance between the fun of living-large and the realistic boundaries of what works in a practical way. Cancers do well to appreciate all the support they receive from their Sagittarian admirers.
You May Feel Crowded
Cancer + Cancer
In Classical myth the goddess Artemis, both ruled and was the Moon. And the Moon rules the astrological sign Cancer. So, by astro-mythological extension, Artemis models Cancer behavior. Artemis required her young followers to swear an oath of fealty and to vow eternal chastity (i.e. keep one’s status as a child). This detail of her myth hints at Cancer being a Cardinal sign (i.e. a leader) and a natural care-taker of a family or a family-like group (reminiscent of Wendy Darling acting as a mother to Peter Pan’s lost boys). This dynamic holds true for 21st century Cancers who are very social and are often the prime movers of their social circle. Cancers are frequently surrounded by an Artemis-like entourage that is composed of their own children, the needy children of others, or friends who are are committed to fun and games. Cancers provide emotional support for the young and old among their “followers” and expect loyalty and acceptance of their authority. Because of their innate nurturing capacity Cancer people can be excellent parents, counselors, guardians, and teachers; but in peer relationships Cancers may unconsciously assume the parental role or take a parental tone and this can cause trouble. In Cancer + Cancer relationships (of any type), Cancers may vie for the position of ‘authority’ which can create a disagreeable atmosphere. Awareness of this tendency helps Cancers to keep all their relationships on track.
You Experience A Magnetic Attraction
Cancer + Aries
Due to the laws of astrological influence Cancers feel very attracted to the energy and activity of those born with Sun in Aries. This attraction is accompanied by Cancer natives radiating approval, and often developing a devotional-type of love, toward Aries people. In response, Ariens enjoy the devotion at first but soon feel a tad smothered by the Cancer wish for togetherness. The strong positive energy moving from Cancer to Aries people is an organic phenomenon of which most people are not aware, and this causes Cancers to rationalize the attraction they feel by attributing special qualities to Ariens. The Cancer + Aries union is not difficult in superficial relationships but in more intimate relationships Aries people do not respond well to the Cancer wish for closeness. However, it is possible for Cancer + Aries unions to thrive when both participants understand the dynamics of the relationship and strive to make it work.
You Feel Nervous
Cancer + Libra
Cancer people feel uncomfortable around Libras and one could say this is due to the difference between the Cancer focus on ‘feeling’ and the Libra focus on ‘the intellect’. But it would be more correct to say that the discomfort between the signs is due to an energy incompatibility which causes Libras to pursue and causes Cancers to retreat. This disconnect between the signs blocks Cancer natives’ ability to “get” Libran energy and concerns. And this lack of understanding often makes Cancers feel angry with Librans and may cause them to imagine that their Libra acquaintances are purposely trying to annoy them or trying to put a wrench into the works of their plans. The laws of astrological attraction – repulsion between Cancer and Libra affects all types of relationships with the exception of the Cancer relationship with young Librans (young people do not express their Sun sign strongly until reaching adulthood). Even though the Cancer + Libra pairing is challenging it can be successful if the difficulty is acknowledged and both parties work hard to succeed.
Cooperation Has Its Rewards
Cancer + Capricorn
Just as the Cancer and Capricorn constellations are opposite in the heavens, Cancer and Capricorn natives are opposite in nature. Cancer’s domain includes a feeling, experiential journey through life, the practice (i.e. discipline) of mothering, and the care of a home, while Capricorn’s domain encompasses mastering the administration of resources for the benefit of oneself and those one is responsible for and for acting as a guardian/ mentor toward one’ s “people” (one’s children, countrymen or all human-kind – depending on one’s capacity). And though the concerns of these two signs and their spheres of influence diverge, their complementary energies can interface to bring a complete and balanced experience. Cancer + Capricorn relationships are opposite but can be fundamentally enriching because they bring an expanded experience and a greater understanding of the world. Cancer + Capricorn people must only cooperate to experience a full measure of success.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.