Pleasure and Pragmatism
Capricorn + Taurus and
Capricorn + Virgo
Ahhhh …. Capricorn, as hard to understand as the fish-tailed mountain goat that represents the sign … as difficult to fathom as something silvery flickering in the ocean’s depths or moving through the ocean of clouds above. Capricorn people, like their planetary ruler, Saturn, with its well-defined rings, have clear, self-limiting boundaries. This trait promotes social inhibition but also encourages Capricorns to be self-sufficient. It is also responsible for making Capricorn natives appear to be a bit cold. In the face of their social reserve and their drive to express “who they are” it is easy to forget how protective and sweet Capricorns can be.
The practical vantage point from which Capricorns view the world supports solid relationships with the other Earth Signs: Taurus and Virgo. Earth sign liaisons of every kind (family, peer and non-peer, romantic, and career relationships) are usually harmonious. And Capricorn + Taurus connections are characterized by an easy organic rapport and a shared appetite for life’s pleasures. As a rule Capricorns are more active than Taurians and the difference in their energy styles can present problems. The Capricorn + Taurus relationship works best when these differences in tempo are accepted gracefully. In Capricorn + Virgo unions Capricorns usually lead the way toward fulfilling shared goals while demure Virgos prefer to attend to the small yet necessary details of this journey. The Capricorn + Virgo connection can be a very agreeable but it is important for both partners to cultivate open-mindedness. Both signs have a tendency to believe that “they know what is best” and this can lead to social insularity and smugness which undermines the finest aspects of the partnership.
Romantic and Rousing
Capricorn + Pisces and
Capricorn + Scorpio
Capricorns are known to be level-headed, practical people but they can also be surprisingly romantic. Capricorn women actually like to be swept off their feet while Capricorn men are known for their initially impulsive and then determined pursuit. For some reason romance allows Capricorns to break free of their natural restraint, but every other type of relationship (including marriage) is usually considered carefully.
Whether it is an intimate relationship or not, the Capricorn + Pisces union can be like taking a vacation in a foreign land. In this partnership Pisces people venture into a world where definite plans are made and strategic action is taken to fulfill clearly defined objectives. And Capricorns find themselves in a laid-back state where activities that fascinate or help one to relax are chosen over the activities that lead to advancement. The Capricorn + Piscean connection gives both participants an enjoyable change of pace. Capricorn + Scorpio unions promise something different and entertaining too. In some ways the Capricorn + Scorpio pairing is a natural fit as both partners share a driving tempo and a taste for intensity. Capricorn + Pisces and Capricorn + Scorpio relationships can be quite interesting, and successful when what is practical is not abandoned for what is entertaining.
A Different but Workable Partnership
Capricorn + Aquarius and
Capricorn + Sagittarius
Capricorn natives are very different from Aquarians and Sagittarians, but when they share an interest or a common goal, these relationships can be creative and highly productive. Capricorns supply a stabilizing and realistic expectation to Capricorn + Aquarian undertakings. And Aquarians often see future possibilities for projects that Capricorns cannot imagine. Together they are able to effectively address the ‘here and now’ as well as ‘what might be tomorrow’. Capricorn + Sagittarius relationships also contain promise because of the uncanny ability of adjacent signs to help each other succeed as teammates and as individuals. Interest in togetherness may dwindle for Capricorn + Aquarius and Capricorn + Sagittarius unions as interest in joint undertakings dwindle. However, these relationships are easily revived with plans for new projects.
The Prime Minister Advises the King
Capricorn + Leo
Due to the laws of astrological influence Capricorn natives wish to offer support to those born with Sun in Leo. Capricorn + Leo relationships often involve Capricorns advising Leos in the area of strategizing for success. Capricorns are excellent mentors in these matters, and Leos are usually their favorite pupils because both share an interest and a talent for leadership. Their styles, however, are quite different. Leos tend to lead through magnanimous charisma, while Capricorn natives gain followers because they organize resources well, work hard, and are painstakingly politic and dependable. Leos enjoy the support and attention they receive from Capricorn people but they may not value it as highly as they should. The Capricorn + Leo union works best when Leos are clear about the difference between style and substance.
You Receive Support
Capricorn + Gemini
The same law of astrological influence that makes those born with Sun in Capricorn wish to be of service to Leos makes those born with Sun in Gemini want to help Capricorn people. Geminis, like their mythological and planetary ruler Mercury (who told his mother, Maia, “If I cannot share the affluence and honors of the other Immortals, I will become the chief of robbers.”) always hope for improvement in their material and social situation. The upwardly mobile longing felt by Gemini natives finds a correspondence in the striving nature of the cardinal earth sign Capricorn. Gemini people like the feeling of being carried by the sure and steady drive of their Capricorn counterparts. And, at first, Geminis are happy to share the burden of decision making (which can be difficult for mutable signs) with another. Capricorns must be careful not to allow decision making to become exclusively their job because it can unconsciously lead them to feel that Geminis are irresponsible or not holding up their end of the bargain. Geminis bring a great deal to the Capricorn + Gemini relationship, particularly in the area of innovative ideas, communications, and versatility. The Capricorn + Gemini partnership succeeds when Capricorns appreciate the worth of the supportive attention they receive from Gemini natives and the world of ideas this connection opens to them.
Yoked Together
Capricorn + Capricorn
Capricorn + Capricorn partnerships are one of the same-sign unions that flourish. This may be because “how things will be handled” and “who will handle them” is usually decided without fuss and early on to ensure that both partners are free to pursue their own objectives single-mindedly. Time to relax and/or to enjoy quiet moments together is lower on the Capricorn list of personal priorities than it is for most other signs – but this is usually not a problem for this pair. Capricorn + Capricorn partners handle extended periods of solitude well by submerging themselves in plans and projects. Though it might be possible to go on advancing one’s agenda forever, it is probably best for all types of Capricorn + Capricorn teams to schedule regular breaks to touch base and enjoy a change of scenery. This hiatus is needed to keep this well-oiled machine of a relationship running.
An Involuntary Fascination
Capricorn + Libra
Capricorns feel a strong attraction to those born with Sun in Libra. The phenomenon usually plays out in this way…. When a Capricorn person first encounters a Libran (e.g. co-worker, school-mate, employer, potential object of romantic interest, etc.) they experience an odd sense of being pulled off their center of gravity. This is generally followed by period of mild fascination that allows time for Capricorns to wonder what this (Libra) person is all about. If the nature of the relationship is formal – our Capricorn concludes that the Libra in question is a good person and begins to radiates a kind of general approval their way. If the relationship has the possibility of being personal and there is more prolonged social contact, Capricorn natives start to lose their self-possession and begin to behave in a clumsy, giddy and/or inarticulate manner. The tide of energy flowing from the captivated Capricorn toward the Libran object of interest makes both of them uncomfortable. Our Capricorn native feels helplessly beguiled trying to get closer and a bit foolish trying to explain his or her odd behavior; while our puzzled Libra feels beset with unwanted attention.
Naturally, the scenario described above does not unfold in this way for Capricorns and Libras who are members of the same family (or for those who are under the age of 21) but it is genuinely the pattern most often associated with Capricorn + Libra pairings. If a relationship survives the inevitable initial awkwardness and continues to develop there are usually many other strong astrological connections at work (e.g. harmonious aspects between the individuals’ other planets). To maintain a strong connection both partners must actively work to treat each other justly and with patience. And Librans do well to recognize and appreciate the energy given to them by their Capricorn admirers.
You Feel an Agitated Discomfort
Capricorn + Aries
The Capricorn + Aries relationship is highly energized by the strong flow of positive energy moving from Aries to Capricorn. Aries people admire Capricorn natives’ approach to life’s challenges. Ariens particularly approve of the relentless efforts Capricorn people make to achieve their goals and their emotional cool under pressure. Like natives of all signs that form a ninety-degree angle to each other (those that are three signs, or 90 days, apart) Capricorn and Aries people obey the laws of astrological influence – causing Ariens to pursue Capricorns and Capricorns to retreat from Ariens. This behavioral pattern is bit more complicated for Capricorn + Aries unions than for other partnerships between signs in square (90 degree) aspect because the planet Mars, ruler of Aries, is exalted (its nature is best expressed) in the sign Capricorn. This detail usually causes Aries people to feel a very strong attachment to their Capricorn contacts (something akin to feeling you have found your place in life). And the approval and loyalty offered by Aries people also appeals to Capricorns who wish for loyal supporters who will respond positively to their leadership. The disturbing aspect of the dynamic between Capricorns and Aries people can be found in the undercurrent of organic discomfort that exists, unbidden, between the pair. This energetic relationship has great potential but will run smoothly only if the laws of astrological influence that affect this partnership are understood and accepted, and if participants are kind to each other.
Opposites in Fact
Capricorn + Cancer
The Capricorn + Cancer relationship has a uniquely familial quality to it. Capricorn is the astrological sign associated with the father and Cancer is the astrological sign associated with the mother. And no matter what type of partnership it is (e.g. business, friendship, intimate) both Capricorn and Cancer natives tend to adopt these archetypal styles when relating to each other. For example, Capricorn natives assume they are in charge. They often “lay down the law” or pose challenges for their counterpart, feeling this is appropriate and that their partner will benefit by overcoming difficulties. Cancers on the other hand also feel they are in charge particularly in matters of environment and the emotional tenor of the relationship. Though together they have an invigorating effect on others they may have an inhibiting impact on each other. Cancers often feel that their partner is denying them the social environment they need and enjoy, while Capricorns feel ensnared in too many personal and emotional demands. Managing the desires and expectations of both partners in this union can be very difficult, but it also has its rewards. This can be an enriching association when both are aware of the difficulties inherent in relationships with those born under one’s opposite sign and when both work to be generous with their time and energy.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.