Well-Balanced and Agreeable
Gemini + Libra
Gemini + Aquarius
Gemini people relate well to the other Air Signs, Aquarius and Libra. This can be attributed to a shared love of ideas. Gemini + Libra relationships are amusing for natives of both signs, because both find entertainment in watching the world go by. Gemini + Aquarius relationships also appeal to both signs because they share an interest in the new and innovative. The inventiveness associated with Libra and the originality of Aquarius spark Gemini’s creativity. Although relationships between Gemini + Libra and Gemini + Aquarius may seem a bit too cool or too heady for romance, the natural understanding between the Air Signs supports the full spectrum of social unions.
Easy-Going and Fun
Gemini + Leo and Gemini + Aries
Gemini natives have a good time with people born when the Sun is in Leo and Aries. Gemini + Leo make a remarkably creative team, though Geminis may have to practice patience with Leo authoritarianism and Leo’s may have to tolerate Gemini trickery. Gemini + Aries relationships can be an eye-opening adventure. Aries people lead the way with daring and Geminis bring a light imaginative touch to the excitement. Although there is an easy-going, sympathetic energy between Gemini + Leo and Gemini + Aries unions small accommodations are sometimes needed. It is also a good idea to be very clear about everyone’s individual goal.
An Effective Association
Gemini + Cancer and Gemini + Taurus
Relationships between Gemini + Cancer and Gemini + Taurus tend to be goal driven. In Gemini + Taurus partnerships the focus is often on projects that are both lucrative and artistic where Geminis supply the creative element and Taureans supply the indefatigable labor. Gemini + Cancer alliances are characterized by a focus on the practical and the wish for improvement in the participants’ material condition. Both of these unions can be highly successful and they are most enjoyable when shared projects are in the planning and actualization stages. An uncomfortable silence tends to shroud Gemini + Taurus and Gemini + Cancer relationships without a scheme in progress.
You Wish to Offer Help
Gemini + Capricorn
Gemini natives are required by the law of astrological influence to help those born with Sun in Capricorn. Geminis are attracted to the air of certainty, purpose and clarity of mind characteristic of Capricorn natives. Perceptive Geminis usually intuit the Capricorn tendency toward self-isolation, and having an excess of fluid sociability, they are glad to share this, modelling easy-social-exchange behavior for reserved Capricorns. The Gemini + Capricorn relationship works best when Capricorns acknowledge and appreciate Gemini’s support.
You Receive Help
Gemini + Scorpio
Emotionally intense Scorpios often bring excitement and focus to the cool, abstract world of those born with Sun in Gemini. As per the dictates of astrological influence, the approval generated by Scorpio affirms Gemini people as individuals and bolsters their undertakings. Scorpios can be very protective of Geminis too and this is needed from time to time. The Gemini + Scorpio relationship works well when Scorpios are careful about their tendency to be possessive and allow Geminis the freedom they absolutely need to maintain a sense of individuality. Gemini’s are fortunate to be on the receiving end of stalwart Scorpio’s friendship and can help to maintain a sound relationship by appreciating the support Scorpio offers.
You Feel a Bit Crowded
Gemini + Gemini
In Classical myth Castor, one of the Gemini Twins, was an expert horseman and the other twin, Pollux, was a great boxer; the Gemini + Gemini relationship can sometimes be reminiscent of this mythological pairing. When Gemini partners (friends, family members, sweethearts, peers, etc.) are united with a common desire or common opponent, things run smoothly; but without this point of focus one partner may verbally jab (like a boxer) at the other while the other partner rides about the fray, disconnected from feeling and disengaged. (Please note: the “expert horseman” symbolizes a mastery over the power of the surging emotion – an ability associated with Gemini). Awareness of the tendency to “take shots” at one another and to disengage emotionally, along with an effort to maintain the peace, supports the Gemini + Gemini union.
You Feel a Magnetizing Attraction
Gemini + Pisces
Those born with Sun in Gemini feel a kind of magnetized attraction to Pisces people which can be felt as warm approval and also as a kind of enthrallment. Geminis usually respond to this feeling by expressing a positive energy that flows toward Piscean relatives, friends, teachers, co-workers, employees, sweethearts, mates, and so forth. As per the laws of astrological influence, the movement of this positive energy from Gemini to Pisces is an organic phenomenon even though most explain their interest by attributing special merits to the Pisces object of fascination. Pisces people have trouble responding in kind to a Gemini’s interest in them, which is characteristic of the Gemini + Pisces union. Though it is sometimes a struggle, this relationship can be successful when both parties are aware of the difficulties and strive to succeed.
You Feel a Puzzling Uneasiness
Gemini + Virgo
Gemini people feel uneasy around Virgos; and this holds true for all types of Gemini + Virgo relationships (with the exception of relationships with young Virgos, as one does not express their Sun sign strongly until adulthood). Due to the laws of astrological influence, there is an energy incompatibility between the signs and Gemini people often react to the discomfort they experience with unconscious social slights like … forgetting to invite their Virgo co-worker to the party, or walking out of the room as they walk in, or picking up a magazine and reading while in the middle of a conversation. And even though Gemini natives can clearly see that their Virgo acquaintances are good people that are gifted in many ways, they cannot help but distance themselves. Though challenging, it is possible to maintain a positive Gemini + Virgo relationship, but it requires embracing the situation with honesty and commitment.
You Get The Big Picture with Cooperative Effort
Gemini + Sagittarius
In the ring of astrological constellations that encircle the Earth the Gemini and Sagittarius constellations are opposite each other, so it makes sense that the light and breezy Gemini approach to life is opposite the Sagittarius approach with its focus on the weighty matters of truth and justice. Despite this, Gemini and Sagittarius have a great deal in common. Both signs rule aspects of education, communications and travel, only the scale is different. Gemini people usually focus their attention on the individual and on the immediate. They tend to have a curious, experimental outlook that encompasses ‘how things work’ and ‘how they can be used’. They also like to share their discoveries with others. Sagittarius natives see life on the grand scale and are interested in encoding their understanding in personal philosophy and in the laws that govern us all. They are also interested in the communication of truth through higher education, religion, the law, and the written word. The Gemini + Sagittarius relationship allows a rare opportunity to view life from the opposite standpoint. Maintaining harmony with those who value things that are of little interest to us requires active cooperation, but the Gemini + Sagittarius union is worth the effort if one wishes to experience the world in a more whole way.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.