Balanced & Harmonious
Leo + Sagittarius and Leo + Aries

Astrological stained-glass window from Chartres Cathedral
Leo people relate well to the other Fire Signs – Sagittarius and Aries. The Leo + Sagittarian union has a uniquely balanced feeling quality because both signs are intrinsically generous and expansive and both have a strong philosophical bent. Leo natives, like their mythological ruler Apollo (the Sun), bring a note of moderating decorum to the relationship and this encourages Sagittarians to keep their “let the good times roll” attitude realistic. Leo + Aries relationships of every type are characterized by a sense of buoyant camaraderie. Aries people help to fan the flames of the Leos’ physical and creative fire, which burns low when Leos feel no call to action.
Fun – Requiring Minor Adjustments Only
Leo + Libra and Leo + Gemini
Leos get along very well with Libras. Libras help Leos to develop the persona of elegance and social poise they long for; and in return for the ‘education’, Leo magnanimity attracts a wide circle of friends within which Libras share the spotlight. Cardinal Libras’ wish to initiate activity must be acknowledged and occasionally indulged if a long-lasting Leo + Libra connection is hoped for. The Leo + Gemini relationship is also an engaging union that supports creativity on all levels. Gemini people often add a bohemian feel to the relationship; they can shake-up dignified Leos a bit; but overall the off-beat energy quality is enlivening and fun. Gemini people must refrain from deception and even playful trickery, as this can affect a Leo’s pure faith and undermine trust.
Fruitful Partnerships
Leo + Virgo and Leo + Cancer
Leo + Virgo unions can be very productive. Leos tend to be blind to negative circumstances when they involve people they like or those to whom they feel they owe loyalty. Partnerships with Virgos, who judge the world with a cool and objective eye, enhance Leos ability to evaluate situations in a clear, impartial way. Leos add human warmth that balances the Virgo tendency toward coldness. Leo + Cancer partnerships can also be quite successful. Cancers, like Virgos, are practical but also have a highly developed emotional perception that enables them to understand what people really want. Cancerian input helps Leo natives to appreciate the needs of others. In Leo + Cancer relationships, Leos frequently act as an interface with the greater world, which gives Cancer natives the privacy they often seek. The sunny Leo outlook also promotes a positive emotional direction for the union.
You Feel the Wish to Help
Leo + Pisces
Due to the laws of astrological influence those born with Sun in Leo feel a strong desire to be of service to Pisces people. Pisceans are very sensitive and consciously or unconsciously seek protection from the harsh realities of life. Leos are their astrological knights in shining armor. Leos admire Pisces natives, appreciating their many talents, their sense of humor, and their amazing ability to understand the intangible. Leos, like Pisces people, are surprisingly sensitive too, but unlike changeable, emotional Pisceans, Leos are better able to face life’s hardships. Leos support their Pisces companions with the energy of loving friendship. In order to maintain the best connection, those with Sun in Pisces should never undervalue this rare gift they receive from their Leo compatriots.
You Receive Help
Leo + Capricorn
Capricorns are required by the law of astrological influence to support those born with Sun in Leo. Capricorns, who strive to have a meaningful impact on life, admire Leonine confidence and personal power, and they approve of Leo natives’ bold plans and projects. Capricorn people offer a steady flow of supportive energy and sound practical advice in situations requiring strategy in managing others and in the administration of resources. This relationship works best when Leos appreciate the friendship and encouragement they receive from their Capricorn admirers.
You Can Feel Crowded
Leo + Leo
In very public social settings Leo + Leo relationships work well. The pair (whether they are friends, family, colleagues, sweethearts, or even non-peers) feel pleased with the high-energy atmosphere they generate together. And, early in the course of more intimate Leo + Leo relationships, the same sense of expansiveness exists, but this feeling may contract if “who-is-in-charge” issues prevail. Leo + Leo relationships work best if there is enough space for everyone to pursue his or her own individual dream and enough time put aside for the pair to share their adventures.
You Feel An Organic Attraction
Leo + Taurus
Leo people feel drawn to those born with their Sun in Taurus. In every type of Leo + Taurus relationship Leos feel a strong sense of approval for Taureans and are magnetized by their presence. Though Leos may find slow and steady, beauty-loving Taureans charming, the real attraction lies in Leos’ involuntary organic response to those born from April 20 – May 21. Leo + Taurus can be a challenging relationship and it may be difficult for Taureans to return Leos’ warm sentiment with the same enthusiasm. However, the union can work if both partners are aware of the difficulties and both work hard to maintain a respectful and positive dialogue.
You Feel A Troubling Discomfort
Leo + Scorpio
Leos feel a troubling discomfort in the company of Scorpios. This is true for all types of Leo + Scorpio relationships except when the Scorpio involved is under the age of 21 (everyone begins to fully express their Sun Sign at 21). The discomfort Leos feel may cause them to wonder if their Scorpio acquaintances are “up-to-something” and misunderstanding often follows. Even though Leos can appreciate Scorpio natives’ staunch support for them and also Scorpio’s many talents, Leos feel an unconscious urge to distance themselves and this hurts their Scorpio counter-part. The Leo + Scorpio relationship has the best chance for success when both partners understand the discordant energy dynamic between the two signs and both work hard to treat each other fairly from moment to moment.
You Gain A Broader Perspective
Leo + Aquarius
The Leo + Aquarius relationship is an interesting expression of polar opposites. Leos value the elevation of that which is best while Aquarians wish to include what is good, no matter how small, that exists in everything. Leos tend to be elitists – Aquarians disapprove of hierarchical thinking and champion the common man; and so it goes for all matters. However, when their diametrically opposed worldviews are brought together a kind of inner expansion for both signs can take place and they both see the world with new understanding. The broad perspective is possible in Leo + Aquarius relationships when the pair concentrates on the “big picture” rather than on minutiae, about which they are bound to disagree. The infrequency of finding any point of agreement often makes them both feel lonely; but accepting this challenge and struggling to agree to disagree has its rewards.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.