A Harmonious Connection
Libra + Aquarius and Libra + Gemini
Libras have an easy rapport with fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini. Libra + Aquarius relationships tend to focus on the completion and consolidation of shared undertakings. The world of the intellect is highlighted in this sometimes formal yet friendly union and it supports creativity and personal development in both partners. Libra + Gemini relationships tend to be open-ended with an experimental, “let’s see what happens if we try this” flair. Although this union can be exciting, partners should be careful about unrestricted experimentation which has a destructive and unraveling effect on this pair’s ordinary life goals. Both Libra + Aquarius and Libra + Gemini relationships can be a bit cool and a passionate interest in something outside the one-to-one relationship is needed to strike a satisfying balance for Libras.
Enjoyable and Invigorating
Libra + Sagittarius and Libra + Leo
Libras find fiery Sagittarius and Leo partners to be highly invigorating because they both bring emotional intensity to the partnership. Libras often appear to be a bit aloof; this is due to the fact that they are usually busy monitoring the quality of social situations, which requires an impartial, moment-to-moment overview of the action. Because Libras hope for a genial experience they disengage themselves from the activity in order to gently guide the exchange toward the “pleasant”. The warm and expansive Sagittarian nature blends well with Libra’s cool, distant view point. Sagittarians seem always ready to “mix it up” with others, whether the situation is contentious or convivial, and this allows Libras to share the excitement. Leos tend to be the dominant partner in inter-personal relationships and this suits Libras well as it gives them the opportunity to practice their remote viewing. Libra natives need only remember that though they are compatible companions, Sagittarians and Leos may have an agenda that differs from their own. The Libra + Sagittarius and Libra + Leo relationship works well when everyone works toward their own goal.
Industrious Partners
Libra + Virgo and Libra + Scorpio
Libra + Virgo and Libra + Scorpio are good pairings for all types of partnerships, especially business partnerships. The finely tuned Libra intellect resonates harmoniously with the intricate, detail-oriented Virgo world-view. Libra vision and Virgo know-how produce excellent results. Together Libra + Virgo couples make a rare puzzle-solving team. The Libra + Scorpio relationship is similarly focused on resolving mysteries; Librans are motivated by the intellectual challenge of solving problems while Scorpios love the feeling of delving into the unknown. Libra + Virgo + Scorpio associations are a picture of the mind, body and feelings working together. Libra + Virgo and Libra + Scorpio unions work well when a shared project is in progress. Without a high-energy common focal point these partnerships tend to quietly drift apart.
You Want To Help
Libra + Taurus
Libras are the true friends of those born with Sun in Taurus. Because Libra follows Taurus by five astrological signs, Librans experience an organic sense of approval for Taureans and a wish to support them. This expression of the law of astrological influence is even further enhanced because both astrological signs are ruled by Venus and have a related sensibility. The rule of Venus is expressed through Taurians as their wish to experience pleasure and through Librans as their wish to create pleasurable environments and experiences. Libras admire the intelligence and steadfast determination of Taurus people and often help them by modeling a refined approach to that which is excellent and has material value. Taurus natives may find Libra people’s cerebral waffling and related “pro and con” commentary tiring, but they usually forgive them this foible. Libra + Taurus relationships work best when Taurians understand the gift of energy they receive from their Libra associates and express appreciation.
You Receive Help
Libra + Pisces
Pisces people feel a spontaneous wish to support Librans. This detail of the laws of astrological influence can be attributed to the physical relationship between the signs – Libra precedes Pisces by five astrological signs, which creates an energy flow toward Libra. The Libra + Pisces relationship is often full of fun as both signs have a well-developed sense of humor and love to laugh. Both signs usually share incisive intellectual abilities as well – Libras’ derived from a logical mind and Pisces’ from intuition. Pisceans admire Libra peoples’ natural grace and their ability to manage others and to create entertaining occasions that promote the exchange of ideas and business. Pisceans add a needed touch of feeling to Libra social events. Pisces well-developed emotional perception and empathic genius makes others feel warm and welcome. Libra + Pisces relationships of every type (friendship, romantic, familial, job-related, etc.) have the best chance for success when Libras remember how much they receive from their Pisces admirers.
You Experience Crowding
Libra + Libra
Classical mythology is a narrative expression of the religious beliefs of the ancient world where the gods were a kind of representation of the forces that affected human life. Each god had his or her own particular quality (e.g. wisdom, beauty, originality, ferocity, etc.) and domain of influence (e.g. the home, health, one’s career, the world of philosophy and higher education, etc.). Venus (called Aphrodite by the ancient Greeks) was a personified representation of the power of desire and the influence of pleasure and beauty on human beings. Librans are ruled by the planet Venus which can be understood as a physical expression of the mythological Venus. The study of myth reveals that the principal focus of the Venus influence is pleasure. This focus tends to promotes selfishness and the wish to be undisturbed when pursuing something pleasing. And so it is for Libras … they can be selfish – but only a tad. Libras work diligently when pursuing something they are interested in but they can also be lazy and procrastinate when it comes to chores or things that are in some way off-putting. This little quirk makes the Libra + Libra relationship challenging – as no one wants to bother with life’s dreary necessities. The Libra + Libra relationship has many positive aspects. First and foremost, it is an intellectually stimulating connection; also Libra + Libra teams carry out shared projects with wonderfully artistic execution. Difficulties arise when one partner does not “hold up his / her end” of what the other feels is “the bargain”. Libra + Libra partnerships are healthiest when both parties agree to clearly defined responsibilities and timelines and when they both discipline themselves to follow through.
You Feel Magnetized
Libra + Cancer
Libras really love the lively energy and playfulness of those born with Sun in Cancer. They tend to feel that Cancer people are an ideal balance of emotional sensitivity, common sense, and fun. Libras, who enjoy social exchange, also love to be part of the social world that Cancers cultivate. If asked, Libra people would find even more “reasons” to explain their attraction to those born between June 21st and July 22nd but the one reason they may not be aware of is that there is a strong flow of positive energy from Libra to Cancer which predetermines Libras’ approval. This, however, can change. And this is because Cancers feel uncomfortable in the presence of Libra natives (with the exception of Libra children) and may unconsciously treat them unfairly, slight them socially, or push them away with censure. If the connection is strong enough to endure these early relationship deal-breakers the Libra + Cancer union works best when Cancers are careful with their criticism (which has a “disapproving parent” quality that cuts to the heart), and when Libras demonstrate a willingness to help with their companion’s projects. In family settings Libras can greatly improve the quality of their relationships with Cancers by helping to care for the home they share which is the center of a Cancer’s life.
You Feel Off Balance
Libra + Capricorn
The Libra + Capricorn relationship is, energetically speaking, the mirror image of the Libra + Cancer relationship (see “You Feel Magnetized” above). When Libra people are young (under 21 – before one’s Sun sign is dominant) and also at the beginning of a relationship, Libras enjoy the interest and approval they receive from Capricorn natives. After a while, when both reveal more of their essential natures, and considered responses replace automatic and enthusiastic affirmation, Libras are not so sure about the connection. Libras shy away from what may feel like a breach of their boundaries. In truth there is no ingress into Libran personal space – just the press of those who wish to be close. Capricorns admire the easy grace, light-hearted personality, and sociability of Libra natives; but most of all, they admire the unstudied diplomacy with which Libras relate to others. This is lawful because corresponding to the laws of astrological influence; Libra is, perforce, on the receiving end of Capricorn’s positive energy; and Capricorns cannot help but like them. The Libra + Capricorn union is challenging but can be successful when both parties understand the energy dynamics of the pairing and remember to be sensitive to what their partner wants.
The Other Side Of The Coin
Libra + Aries
Like the constellation The Scales (Libra) and The Ram (Aries) people born under the astrological signs Libra and Aries are 180 degrees apart. Libras are all about relationship (whether the relationship is in the realm of human beings, other creatures, inanimate materials, or ideas) and Aries people are all about the expression of their individuality without reference to others. Given that these are the basic parameters, the Libra + Aries union can be very interesting. Partners born in the sign that is opposite one’s own see the world in a way that we cannot imagine. The thrust of their energy, and their focus and concerns are absolutely opposite ours. And so is their life experience. A union with our “opposite” brings us valuable information about a world that we have trouble grasping. There is quite a bit of ‘spark’ in the Libra + Aries relationship, and cooperation is all that is required for success. This may be difficult at times, especially when one feels disinclined to make an effort or wants others to see things in the same way and to simply agree, but the effort to open to the opposite perspective is worthwhile because of the “big picture” it reveals.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.