Protective and Sympathetic
Pisces + Cancer and Pisces + Scorpio
As it is for all the astrological signs, interpersonal relationships for Pisces people are easiest with natives of the two other signs of the same element; and for the water sign Pisces these are Cancer and Scorpio. Both Pisces and Cancer people have a well-developed emotional intelligence and this often fosters a similar sense of humor which adds longevity to all types of Pisces + Cancer relationships. Sympathetic Pisces and Cancer people usually understand and care for each other. Cancers are very nurturing and this is good for Pisceans who often need this kind of attention. Pisces people appreciate how capable and practical Cancers can be, and they usually tolerate Cancer crabbiness without taking offense. The Pisces + Scorpio pairing is also a harmonious connection, though perhaps not as light-hearted as Pisces + Cancer unions. Scorpios enjoy the Piscean social-style, which is mellow and bitingly insightful at the same time. Pisceans feel safe in the protective company of Scorpio comrades and often find direction in the intensity of Scorpio people’s drive. Pisces + Cancer and Pisces + Scorpio pairings are generally positive, though moodiness can present a challenge to mutual contentment.
Interesting and Entertaining
Pisces + Taurus and Pisces + Capricorn
Pisces natives usually have interesting and entertaining relationships with those born with Sun in Taurus and Sun in Capricorn. The Pisces + Taurus union tends to enhance both partners’ appreciation of things beautiful and luxurious. As a team this pair seems to perfect the art of avoiding conflict and finding their way to the enjoyment of simple pleasures and comforts. The Pisces + Capricorn union is more energetic than the Pisces + Taurus bond in that the connection usually involves the pursuit of idealized goals. The sextile relationship (i.e. a relationship between signs that are 60 degrees or two signs away) is a stimulating astrological link for unions of all types. Pisces + Taurus and Pisces + Capricorn alliances are most effective when everyone remembers that each individual has his or her own unique path to follow, and when the individual path and the shared path are supported equally and in parallel.
An Effective Team
Pisces + Aries and Pisces + Aquarius
Pisces + Aries and Pisces + Aquarius relationships make excellent partnerships. In Pisces + Aries unions Pisceans often provide a guiding principle or theoretical vision for common goals, while Arien counterparts, who are generally brimming-over with energy, tend to focus on actualizing joint plans. Cooperation is easy for Pisces + Aquarius pairs, and relationships between these two astrological signs often develop within the context of a large organization or social movement. Having a shared interest is the key element needed for successful Pisces + Aries and Pisces + Aquarius pairings of every type. As it is for all relationships between adjacent astrological signs – things tend to run smoothly when a project is underway.
A Feel For Fun
Pisces + Libra
Due to the law of astrological influence those born with Sun in Pisces feel the wish to offer a helping hand to Libra people. Although the planet Neptune is said to rule the sign Pisces, Pisces has a unique connection to the planet Venus (which rules Libra) in that Venus is exalted in Pisces (which means that all things governed by Venus [e.g. beauty, an artistic sensibility, romance] are best expressed when the planet Venus is placed in Pisces within one’s chart). The image of the Pisces constellation, two fish tied together and swimming in different directions, is a reference to a detail from Classical mythology. In the tale, Venus (called Aphrodite by the ancient Greeks) and her son Cupid (Eros) were trying to escape from the monster, Typhon. To get away Venus and Cupid dove into a river and there transformed themselves into fish, tying their tails together so they would not lose one another. The story referenced by the Pisces constellation hints at the strong connection that exists between Pisces and the planet Venus (and Venus ruled signs) and the link between feeling, love and pleasure.Pisces and Libra natives often have a great deal in common including an eye for beauty, a reserved vantage point from which they observe human nature, and fine intellects. Pisces + Libra relationships also tend to be fun and full of laughter. Pisceans admire Libra comrades particularly for their wit and ability to navigate social dealings gracefully. However, natives of the cool air sign Libra are uncomfortable with emotional demands and with any sense of superimposed limitation, and though they really enjoy their Pisces associates, they may become disproportionately annoyed if Pisceans behave in a dependent or clinging manner. Pisces + Libra relationships of all types can be highly successful if partners define their space and other personal requirements clearly and everyone agrees to these boundaries.
Someone in Your Corner
Pisces + Leo
Leos are very attracted to those born with Sun in Pisces and offer them warm friendship and a bolstering energy. As per the laws of astrological influence, the quality of Piscean energy brings the generosity and heroic impulses of the Leo nature to life. Leos tend to understand the gentle manner and emotional sensitivity of Pisces people as something that makes Pisceans terribly vulnerable and it rouses the innate Leo desire to play the knight in shining armor. Pisceans genuinely appreciate their Leo associates’ amazing largesse but they may also resent being perpetually seen as someone who is weak or needs help. Difficulties may also develop in Pisces + Leo unions because Pisceans have a decided impulse to be true to their own tempo. Pisces people often strike out at those they feel are trying to force them to move faster or slower, and because Leos are a bit bossy and want things done their way – this happens all the time. But, for the most part, when Pisces people spend time in the Leo aura it is so sunny and pleasurable it’s like taking a vacation from one’s troubles. The greatest strength of the Pisces + Leo relationship can be found in the enjoyment the pair gets when amusing others. Leos bring out a vein of theatrical zaniness in Pisces people, which further enhances Leo’s approval for them. The Pisces + Leo connection can be a strong union when the energy dynamic between the signs is understood and when Pisces people remember how much they receive from their Leo admirers.
Pisces + Pisces
Of all the same-sign astrological relationships, the Pisces + Pisces connection is the most laid-back. Of course, the Pisces + Taurus relationship is the “first runner-up” for this title, but because the wish for comfort and contact with things and experiences that are beautiful qualifies as a motivator, this pair loses the crown. The Pisces + Pisces team is the clear winner in this non-competition. Because Pisces people are extremely sensitive, they tend to withdraw from life’s turbulent scramble. And though they struggle like everyone else with life’s challenges, a part of them is moving at a slower tempo and submerged in a sea of heightened emotional impressions. From their rarified-feeling vantage point Pisces natives see and understand a great deal. However, it is difficult for them to translate that which has been perceived into an effective, active response. As a mutable water sign Pisces people are predominantly interested in the comparison of feeling experiences and their focus on material constructs and realized action is secondary. On the other hand Pisces + Pisces unions have a distinct advantage when the “visionary” is needed. In situations that requires minimal immediate practicality or direct action – the Pisces + Pisces relationship is a dream-team. Making sure that life’s necessities are addressed first supports a long life for Pisces + Pisces pairings.
You are Mesmerized
Pisces + Sagittarius
Pisces people are mesmerized by those born with Sun in Sagittarius. The fascination is a function of the law of astrological influence but is most often attributed to Sagittarius natives’ swash-buckling style, which delights retiring Pisceans. In terms of temperament, Pisces people are almost everything Sagittarians people are not. Pisces people tend to be reserved and peace-loving while Sagittarians are bold and enjoy a philosophical bout every now and then. There is an interesting astrological connection between the signs in that once all astrologers (and now just a few astrologers) believed that the planet Jupiter, not Neptune, ruled Pisces as well as Sagittarius. There is also a clear emotional parallel between the two signs as both Pisceans and Sagittarians abhor injustice and are committed (either publicly or privately) to redress social abuse. The theme of fair play is an undercurrent in almost every activity involving Pisces + Sagittarius partners. Though they share this moral orientation Sagittarians are still somewhat perplexed by those born with Sun in Pisces, and do not understand the Piscean approach to life or their quiet self-presentation. Sagittarians can easily miss the inner beauty of Pisces people because Pisceans do not make enough noise to attract Sagittarian attention. (This does not apply to young Pisces people who do not fully express the Pisces nature until they are about 21). Pisces + Sagittarius relationships of every type have a good chance for survival when both signs understand the astrological challenges inherent in the match and when Sagittarians acknowledge the fine quality of energy they receive from their Piscean allies.
Hide and Seek
Pisces + Gemini
Like Pisces + Sagittarius, the Pisces + Gemini union is a relationship between signs that are in “square” aspect; that is, they are 90 degrees, or three signs, apart. And as per the law of astrological influence this relationship promotes imbalance, or too much of a particular energy mode. The imbalance in the Pisces + Gemini union is due to the fact that both are mutable signs. This means that those individuals born under the sign Pisces and the sign Gemini are programmed by nature to see, evaluate and bring into a closer alignment, all phenomena in their purview. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, the mutable sign Pisces has domain over the period when winter changes into spring, mutable Gemini has domain over the period when spring transitions into summer, the mutable sign Virgo rules as summer changes to autumn, and mutable Sagittarius rules the time when autumn changes to winter. In human beings the organic and psychological behavior associated with this principle is expressed by remarkable flexibility, where natives of mutable signs closely monitor what is and readily adapt to what will or should be. Because both Pisceans and Geminis are always changing their inner orientation a sense of insecurity tends to color the union and this makes both anxious about “who” their partner will be today. This can lead the couple to wonder if the relationship is too unstable to be successful.Busy, busy, high-strung Geminis are enchanted by the measured tempo and (seeming) serenity of those born with Sun in Pisces. And Pisces people appreciate the lively energy that Geminis exude, but Gemini natives’ clever schemes and the barrage of ideas and projects often prove to overwhelm Pisceans. And when their tranquility is disrupted Pisces people often strike out using caustic comments and sarcasm to drive those who are disturbing them away, and this, sadly, injures the alliance. (Please note, this astro-dynamic does not apply to Pisces and Gemini people under the age of 21.) The Pisces + Gemini relationship has the best chance for a happy, productive outcome when both partners understand the energy dynamic between the signs and when Pisces people take care to include their Gemini associates as equal partners, in every aspect of their life and/or work together.
To Have and To Have Not
Pisces + Virgo
Any kind of relationship between opposite signs (whether it is a friendship, a family connection, a business or non-peer relationship, or a romance) often makes one feel opposed. And, this is to be expected for Pisces + Virgo unions because the two signs, like their constellations, are directly opposite each other, or 180 degrees apart, around the great circle of the Zodiac.* It is no surprise that the interests of Pisces and Virgo natives are also in direct opposition. Virgos have a concrete physical, practical orientation and Pisces people have an amorphous feeling and spiritual focus. The sense of being opposed is rooted in one’s partner having an emotional investment in things that are not important to you, and having the corresponding mind-set that encourages choices you, yourself, would never make. It is in this irksome detail that the strength of the Pisces + Virgo union’s can be found.Those born with their Sun in signs that are opposite ours help us to experience a world that we cannot imagine nor appreciate on our own. And as such, Virgos provide Pisces people with a view that will have completely escaped Piscean notice; millions may be aware of this information, but for Pisces it is an ‘insider’ perspective only obtainable through Virgos. To facilitate the exchange of “blind-spot” insight, natives of both signs have to suspend judgment and adjust their personal tempo in order to hear, and then accept, what at first may seem to be an unlikely reality. The benefits, however, of such an effort are worth the trouble. The Pisces + Virgo relationship can work well when the challenges of opposite-sign connections are understood, and when one practices ‘making room for others’.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.