A Fiery Harmony
Sagittarius + Aries and
Sagittarius + Leo
The astrological signs are divided into four elements – fire, earth, air and water. Each element represents a different quality and focus of activity. Sagittarius is one of the three fire signs whose modus operandi is the expression of creative energy. Of the fire sign triumvirate, Sagittarius expresses a mutable fire nature and acts as the agent of reconciliation between divergent forces. The Sagittarian focus is directed toward bringing a just harmony to all situations; and the pursuit of real justice is something Sagittarians work with throughout life. It is always good to remember that what is understood as justice is determined subjectively by each individual Sagittarian, and judgments are therefore only as enlightened as the judge.

Traditionally speaking, Sagittarians get along really well with those born under the fire sign Aries, who express the cardinal fire mode which pushes forward into new realms. The Sagittarian + Aries relationship usually burns a great deal of fuel in pursuing shared goals or thrilling diversions. The Sagittarius + Leo relationship is a bit more sedate than the Sagittarius + Aries union because Leo, the fixed or passive member of the fire trio, likes to stick with what is known to be best. The blend of Leo’s fixed character and Sagittarian mutability tempers Sagittarian adventurousness. Sagittarius + Leo relationships of every kind have a comfortable and reflective style and a close bond as well. No matter what the nature of the union, fire sign liaisons work best when no one has the upper hand and everything is equally shared.

Interestingly Rousing
Sagittarius + Aquarius and
Sagittarius + Libra
Sagittarius + Aquarius and Sagittarius + Libra unions are generally easy-going, stimulating relationships. Sagittarius + Aquarius pairings often focus on educational themes, whether these are academic or experiential. Sagittarius people enjoy the increased social freedom as well as the quirky fun of the unusual encouraged by unconventional Aquarians. Sagittarius + Libra relationships are also intellectually stimulating and entertaining but as a team, this pair tends to be more aware of social convention. Libra natives encourage Sagittarians to cultivate a stress-reducing laissez-faire manner which can make life a bit more pleasant. Sagittarius + Aquarius and Sagittarius + Libra connections are an easy fit and run smoothly when Sagittarians remember that though Libra and Aquarius people are agreeable companions, they may have a totally different agenda. Genuine compatibility is possible when everyone is able to pursue his or her own dream.
A Working Partnership
Sagittarius + Capricorn and
Sagittarius + Scorpio
Sagittarius + Capricorn and Sagittarius + Scorpio unions make excellent partnerships. Natives of the cardinal earth sign Capricorn bring a realistic eye to Sagittarian schemes. As long as Capricorns agree whole-heartedly to specific undertakings Sagittarians can count on them to offer the patient effort needed to achieve shared objectives. Sagittarius + Scorpio pairings are similarly achievement-oriented and just as effective. In this union Sagittarians often provide the inspiration while Scorpios supply the relentless dedication needed to succeed. Intimate relationships between Sagittarius + Capricorn and Sagittarius + Scorpio natives may not feel quite as dynamic as other types of unions (e.g. business partnerships and friendships) and they can feel positively dry when shared projects end. However, as long as a mutual venture is in progress these liaisons remain energized and productive; achievement is the fulfilling glue of the connection.
You Offer Support
Sagittarius + Cancer
As per the law of astrological influence … Sagittarius people are fond of Cancers, and why not? They have a lot in common. Both signs are highly social and gregarious. And both are usually athletic and enjoy playful competition. There is even an astro-mythological correspondence between the two signs. The centaur, the symbol for the astrological sign Sagittarius and Artemis (who is the Moon which rules Cancer, and is called the Lady of the Silver Bow) are both expert archers. The fine bowmanship associated with centaurs and Artemis may well be an astro-mythological hint that refers to the propensity of those born with Sun in Sagittarius and Cancer to wound with verbal darts. Sagittarius and Cancer natives are known to openly censure others when fault is found. Both Cancer men and women tend to take a chastising maternal tone with transgressors while Sagittarians assume the role of “cosmic law enforcement officers”. Sagittarius + Cancer unions are characterized by Sagittarians supporting their Cancer comrades with approving energy and genuine friendship. The Sagittarius + Cancer connection is very workable when Cancer people remember to be patient with over-the-top Sagittarian enthusiasm that may border on the “wild and crazy”. (Please note: in myth the centaurs were famous for “wild and crazy” – often partying really hard and overindulging in whatever entertainment was available.) Sagittarians can help to support a stable Sagittarius + Cancer relationship by keeping the tendency to excess (even if it is only in the realm of ideas) in check.
You Receive Help
Sagittarius + Taurus
Due to the law of astrological influence Taurus people feel that they want to offer help to those born with Sun in Sagittarius. Taurus people are entertained by their Sagittarian compatriots’ comfort with rebelliousness and their willingness to shake things up. On the surface Taurus natives usually appear to be conservative, but their conventional persona is more often rooted in a simple wish to avoid situations that cause too much trouble or are unpleasant. Taurus people feel a secret devilish pleasure in the Sagittarian inclination to rock the boat, and enjoy the sense of freedom experienced in Sagittarian company. Besides offering faithful friendship, earthy Taurus natives encourage Sagittarians’ interest in the arts and model an appropriate appreciation of that which has real worth. In every type of relationship (whether it is a business, non-peer, familial, friendship or a romantic connection) Taurians help to steady Sagittarian social comportment. The Sagittarians + Taurus connection can be kept strong when participants are realistic and grateful for what is given and what is received.
Too Many Archers Spoil the Shot
Sagittarius + Sagittarius
Often one’s “first love” is a person of the same sign. Though near perfect when one is young, same sign relationships can be difficult to maintain as one matures; this is because the union creates an uncomfortable mirror-image effect. Same-sign relationships show us our weaknesses; they also show us that others possess the same positive qualities that we thought were unique to us. From one view point the Sagittarius + Sagittarius union allows for a rapport that comes from deep understanding of another’s motivations; but from another view point, there can be much too much critical dismantling of the social structures that help us to coexist. Not to mention the complaining…! The Sagittarius + Sagittarius relationship works best when participants are emotionally mature and take turns offering and receiving undivided attention.
You Feel an Inexplicable Attraction
Sagittarius + Virgo
The type of relationship (a friendship or a family, career or non-peer connection) does not matter – Sagittarians are going to feel a powerful attraction to Virgos. Sagittarians radiate a sense of approval toward Virgo natives, and feel pleasure in their company. When in close contact with Virgos for an extended period of time, Sagittarians often find themselves feeling giddy and off–balance, and these phenomena are often mistaken for love. In response to the odd behavior, Virgos start to feel uncomfortable and begin to distance themselves physically and emotionally. The more Virgos retreat, the more compelling Sagittarians find the attraction. This is the lawful action of astrological influence (though it does not apply to Sagittarius children).
It is a tantalizing relationship… Sagittarius and Virgo are both mutable signs and follow the same astrological dictate to reconcile divergent phenomena (e.g. understanding different energy qualities, different beliefs, different material properties, in order to know what is best) so their “compare and consider” approach to life is quite similar. But alas, too great a closeness pulls both Sagittarians and Virgos off their own center of gravity and disrupts their ability to function.
The Sagittarius + Virgo union can be energy-generating, and this energy is often the basis for very creative partnerships. This partnership’s success is facilitated by maintaining a reserved distance, which allows participants to operate in parallel. This arrangement works well in non-intimate relationships. In romantic relationships it is helpful when both Sagittarius and Virgo partners have outside sources of satisfaction (e.g. friends, career, family, etc.) which lessens any sense of loneliness one might experience from being near someone without feeling close.
You Experience Nervous Avoidance
Sagittarius + Pisces
A Sagittarius + Pisces pairing can be a challenging relationship. Pisces people are attracted to the joie de vivre that Sagittarians radiate and admire their public aplomb. And in turn, Sagittarius people often appreciate the natural wit and talent Pisces natives possess. But, due to the laws of astrological influence, there is a kind of energy gap that makes relating awkward. Sagittarians usually attribute the discomfort they feel in the quiet presence of self-concealing Pisceans to their unfocused and laid-back tempo. Fiery Sagittarians tend to feel that the Piscean pace has a “wet blanket” effect. (This phenomenon does not apply to Pisces children.) However, the real disconnect in Sagittarius + Pisces relationships probably lies in the fact that Sagittarians yearn for stimulation and heightened sensation while Pisceans, who are exquisitely sensitive, wish to reduce incoming stimulus in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
Though Sagittarius and Pisces are quite different they can make an effective team when they share goals that hold interest for both. In joint endeavors Pisces natives offer emotional and intellectual support and Sagittarians provide an easy interface with the greater world. Their collective efforts are often distinguished by personal kindness and social inclusion. Intimate Sagittarius + Pisces relationships have the best chance for success when couples understand the challenges inherent in the pairing and find creative, tailor-made solutions for their particular difficulties.
Balancing the See-Saw
Sagittarius + Gemini
The Sagittarius + Gemini union is a pairing of opposites which indicate the need for cooperation. Success for the Sagittarius + Gemini relationship may well involve modifying the expression of emotion. Sagittarians tend to be highly emotional, even hot-tempered, like the mythological centaurs that symbolize their astrological sign. Geminis tend to be cool and emotionally disengaged like Castor, one of the Gemini twins, who was a master horseman and rode above the careening beast (emotion) attentively maneuvering its course. The Sagittarius + Gemini relationship can run smoothly when both signs work against their natural emotional weaknesses, that is, when Geminis are open and honest and do not maneuver for entertainment or to enhance their position, and when Sagittarians are absolutely fair and do not self-indulge. Attaining this kind of emotional equilibrium in the relationship takes discipline, but would be worth the effort.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.