A Definite Balance
Scorpio + Pisces and
Scorpio + Cancer
Scorpios have strong, balanced relationships with fellow water signs – Pisces and Cancer. Romantic unions between the water signs might, at first, seem underwhelming. But when faced with even the smallest of life’s challenges, Scorpio + Pisces and Scorpio + Cancer partners awaken to the strength of their connection. That strength, created by the emotional equipoise of the signs, also holds true for other types of Scorpio + Pisces and Scorpio + Cancer relationships, whether the mutual focus is that of a non-peer association, friendship, family, or co-worker/career alliance. Because the water signs are predominately “feeling” oriented, difficulties can arise if an intentional balance between the mind and emotions is not maintained; extreme sensitivity can occasionally lead to extreme reaction. Emotionally mature Scorpio + Pisces and Scorpio + Cancer partners usually understand each other well. These relationships are most often easy going, supportive and enriching. They can also be instructive.
Entertaining and Energizing
Scorpio + Capricorn and
Scorpio + Virgo
Generally speaking Scorpio + Capricorn and Scorpio + Virgo relationships are interesting and energizing. There is a natural rapport between Scorpio and Capricorn natives that is based on a shared approach to life. Both signs are strategic planners who carry out “behind the scenes” or “concealed” actions that are made public only when their goals have been achieved. Scorpio + Capricorn pairs understand each other’s world view and usually agree with one another’s interpretation of events. Scorpio + Virgo pairs also share similar traits. Both signs are intrinsically private and rather modest; and both are concerned with what is fair. The individuals in Scorpio + Capricorn and Scorpio + Virgo unions “get” each other and are energized by spending time together. But these partners must remember that, though they share a great deal, their deepest interests are often worlds apart. Scorpio + Capricorn and Scorpio + Virgo relationships are most successful when everyone involved accommodates this reality.
A Dynamic Connection
Scorpio + Sagittarius and
Scorpio + Libra
Adjacent astrological signs like Scorpio + Sagittarius and Scorpio + Libra have a uniquely productive connection. The Sign that precedes another usually has a solid understanding of concerns that the couple share. The sign that immediately follows another has the ability to extend that understanding and to help move matters of mutual interest toward a successful resolution. In Scorpio + Sagittarius and Scorpio + Libra unions, transformation is the hinge-pin of the relationship; this can include the transformation of one’s material situation, one’s physical health, emotional well-being, and even a complete revamping of one’s life perspective. In Scorpio + Sagittarius relationships, questions of right and wrong are important and in Scorpio + Libra pairings – partnerships, finances and the promotion of business tend to dominate. Whether the Scorpio + Sagittarius and Scorpio + Libra relationship is romantic, a family relationship, a friendship, a non-peer (e.g. student and teacher) association, or a business connection, a project must always be in progress to keep the union interesting.
You Validate and Wish to Help
Scorpio + Gemini
Scorpios have a soft spot in their hearts for Geminis. Due to the law of astrological influence Scorpios are often touched by the will-o’-the-wisp emotional quality of Gemini people. Geminis seem to elicit the Scorpio natives’ wish to help and protect. Those with Sun in Scorpio are also entertained by the agile mind, broad spectrum of interests, and unconventional social conduct that characterizes Gemini people. Geminis, on the other hand, are pleased with the support they receive from their Scorpio comrades, but when busy with their many schemes, they can forget to show gratitude for all they receive. Geminis (who enjoy teasing) can also be rather scornful of the Scorpio tendency toward emotional intensity. And because their mocking brings to light something that is usually true, they can wound sensitive Scorpio folks, who fear having their vulnerabilities exposed. The Scorpio + Gemini relationship has the best chance for long endurance when Geminis feel the worth of the energy they receive and when they treat their Scorpio contacts with kindness and respect. Scorpios can help to maintain the relationship by giving Geminis a lot of freedom.
You Receive Support
Scorpio + Aries
Just as Scorpios are required by the law of astrological influence to offer support to Gemini people, Aries people must offer support to Scorpios. Aries people admire the depth of strength possessed by Scorpio natives. They also approve of Scorpios’ natural ferocity which always seems to be available when it is needed. Ariens bring a note of refreshing innocence to the Scorpio + Aries relationship that lightens the dark Scorpio mind-set and reduces Scorpios’ tendency to worry. The Arien “forward march into action” attitude along with the emotional encouragement they offer can be helpful to the natives of the fixed sign Scorpio, who tend to get mired in self-doubt. The stirring call to action provided by Aries allies is more valuable than most Scorpios realize. Scorpios tend to undervalue the brightly burning Arien energy, perhaps thinking them “not quite serious enough”, but Scorpios can be wrong about this. The Scorpio + Aries pairing has the potential to be a very positive and highly productive union. Scorpios help the relationship to thrive when they affirm the energetic bolstering they receive from Aries people and when time is set aside for both fun and serious endeavor. Those with Sun in Scorpio need to remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
There May Be Overcrowding
Scorpio + Scorpio
Same sign relationships (Scorpio + Scorpio, Cancer + Cancer, etc.) are most often the relationship of “first love”. In the mature Scorpio + Scorpio union the relationship is typically goal driven. It is a connection where participants adapt their efforts and expectations to achieve a desired objective. This type of relationship suits Scorpio + Scorpio pairings and works best in non-intimate associations with a shared short term goal, and also in situations that may require temporarily suppressing one’s feelings and making personal sacrifices. Scorpios are capable of, and often practiced at, sacrificing and masking their emotions, but one cannot build a life on the suppression of desire and sacrifice. In deeply intimate liaisons that demand openness and honesty as well as caring for oneself and one’s partner, relating becomes more challenging. Date-night for Scorpio + Scorpio couples can turn into psycho-therapeutic sessions but this suits those couples who are driven to explore and “get to the bottom” of human motivations. The intense one-on-one Scorpio + Scorpio pairing works best when both partners are fearless in their wish for personal discovery and when both cultivate restraint.
You Feel a Powerful Attraction
Scorpio + Leo
Scorpios feel a powerful attraction to Leos. This attraction is an experience akin to watching the Sun rise from under the eaves of a dark forest. Scorpio natives feel a delight in seeing the open radiance of day and often find themselves at a loss for words in the unconcealed warmth of the Leo nature. The juxtaposition of Leo’s open magnanimity and Scorpios’ tendency toward secrecy and their wish for privacy creates an organic disharmony. Scorpio natives are impressed by Leonine generosity and support them with approval and abundant energy. But Leos often have trouble getting close to Scorpios because they feel uneasy around them.* This uneasiness can be attributed to the innate differences in the nature of the two signs.
Leos have the ability to sense the power of a Scorpio’s unexpressed emotions but they often misread their Scorpio comrades’ intentions and worry “what” and “why” something is being hidden. The Scorpio penchant for secrecy exacerbates the Leonine tendency to feel vulnerable when they don’t know everything that’s going on. Of course, Scorpio people may not be hiding anything at all – they tend to wait while gathering information that confirms the truth, before they express themselves. And, to continue describing the circular action that alienates one from another … when Scorpios are finally ready to openly express their thoughts and feelings, Leos are often shocked by the intensity.
To fully comprehend the Scorpio + Leo relationship one must remember the maxim, “All things in moderation.” which is associated with Apollo (the god who is the Sun) who rules the astrological sign Leo. Leo’s credo of moderation rarely applies to those born with Sun in Scorpio. Too much drama or emotional thrashing unnerves Leo natives and reduces their ability to function effectively.
The Scorpio + Leo relationship may be difficult at times but can function peacefully when both partners understand the energy dynamic between their signs. A productive relationship is possible when Leos appreciate the supportive energy they receive from Scorpio friends and are careful to avoid communicating a “snobbish” view of others, which appalls Scorpios.
*Please note: the ‘uneasiness’ Leo natives experience does not apply to children with Sun in Scorpio – who do not express their Scorpio nature fully until they are 21).
You Feel a Baffling Aversion
Scorpio + Aquarius
The Scorpio + Aquarius relationship is the exact opposite of the Scorpio + Leo union. Cool, somewhat detached Aquarians are drawn to the power and intensity of the Scorpio nature. Aquarians admire the private dedication Scorpios feel for their work and their loved ones. Scorpios are natural researchers and though their investigations are kept quiet while in progress they are usually openly shared when completed, to inform and help others. The Scorpio wish to bring the truth to light for everyone’s benefit further elicits the approval of humanitarian Aquarians. However, due to the law of astrological influence, Scorpios do not feel the same approbation for those born with Sun in Aquarius.
The Aquarius nature is difficult for Scorpio natives to understand.* Scorpios are often initially entertained by unique and helpful Aquarius natives; but as more is revealed of the Aquarian nature over time, Scorpios start to feel annoyed and grow suspicious of their unconventional ideas, contradictions, and eccentric style. This suspicion is increased by the giddiness Aquarians often display in their company (please note: “giddiness” and feeling “tongue-tied” are common manifestations when there is close contact between signs that are 90 degrees or 3 signs apart) and this further unsettles the fixed water sign, Scorpio. No matter how intense they are themselves, Scorpios want stable companions and a stable emotional environment and fear that unpredictable Aquarians cannot be counted on to provide this.
On the other hand, Aquarians do provide innovative ideas that help Scorpios to conceptualize projects and bring them to life, they provide emotional encouragement, and they are steadfast friends throughout their Scorpio comrade’s emotional ups and downs. The Scorpio + Aquarius union works best, as in all challenging relationships, when both partners are aware of astrological influence issues and when patience and respectful behavior is cultivated.
* Please note: this phenomenon does not apply to children with Sun in Aquarius, as they do not fully express their astrological nature until they are adults.
Opposites Attract and More
Scorpio + Taurus
The union of opposites is traditionally understood as a sensual pairing. It is interesting to note that this notion can be traced to the pre-telescope era, when Astrologers believed that Venus ruled both Taurus and Libra and that Mars ruled Aries and Scorpio. Because the Scorpio + Taurus union is a relationship between signs that are opposite one another (as is the Aries + Libra union) one might consider studying the mythological relationship between Venus and Mars which is instructive regarding understanding the bond between these opposite signs….
In the tale, Hephaestus (called Vulcan by the Romans), the crippled master craftsman of the gods, is married to Venus (known to the ancient Greeks as Aphrodite). As her husband, Hephaestus provides Venus with the finest objects the material world has to offer. But Venus wants more than objects of great worth and beauty and also has a lover – Mars, the ultra-masculine god of war (known to the ancient Greeks as Ares). Although Hephaestus discovers his wife’s infidelity and punishes Mars and Venus for their transgression, Venus continues to maintain her marital relationship with Hephaestus and continues her romance with Mars as well.
This mythological detail is important to understand when considering the character of connections to Venus-ruled signs (in this case Scorpio’s connection with Venus-ruled Taurus). Both relationships described above (Venus’s bond to Mars and to Hephaestus) serve to illustrate the predominantly physical emphasis of the Venus connection. In all Venus relationships there is both a physical pleasure component (Mars) and material worth component (Hephaestus). The nature of the Scorpio + Taurus relationship is further clarified when one remembers that passionate Scorpio rules “the wealth of others” and sensuous Taurus rules “one’s own wealth”.
Scorpio + Taurus unions of any type are workable when partners cooperate and when sign-linked possessive impulses are not permitted to cause the commandeering of shared resources, enterprises or relationships.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.