Taurus + Virgo and Taurus + Capricorn
Taurus people get along well with the other Earth signs. There is an organic accord in relationships between Taurus + Virgo and Taurus + Capricorn. This is mainly due to a shared orientation toward the material world. Staying in touch with the world’s physical reality steadies Taurus + Virgo and Taurus + Capricorn unions in the face of life’s difficulties. The natural understanding that exists between Taurus + Virgo and Taurus + Capricorn makes platonic relationships easy; but may not initially feel thrilling enough for romance. Nonetheless, given a little time, these earth sign companions develop a warm, supportive and enduring love.
Easy and Inspiring
Taurus + Cancer and Taurus + Pisces
Taurus people enjoy enrichment in their emotional life through relationships with Cancer and Pisces. Taurus + Cancer unions magnify the sometimes buried playful aspects in the Taurus nature while Taurus + Pisces unions encourage Taureans to exercise greater intellectual and emotional flexibility. Some energy input is required to maintain a buoyant exchange, but Taurus + Cancer and Taurus + Pisces relationships can be inspiring if a minimal effort is made. Although there is an easy “fit” it is good for Taurus natives to remember that Pisces and Cancer partners may well have different goals and all goals must be compatible if harmony is to be maintained.
Successful Alliances
Taurus + Gemini and Taurus + Aries
Partnerships between Taurus + Gemini and Taurus + Aries can be very successful. In Taurus + Gemini partnerships Taurus supplies the unwavering drive to complete an undertaking while Gemini offers a fountain of creative ideas for new directions. In Taurus + Aries partnerships, Aries tend to add inspiring energy to the mix and Taureans bring a feel for excellence and steady the partnership with unflagging determination. In deeply personal Taurus + Gemini and Taurus+ Aries relationships a shared project is needed to keep the union’s trajectory parallel and vital.
You Wish to Offer Help
Taurus + Sagittarius
Taurus natives are astrologically preordained to help those born with Sun in Sagittarius. Taureans experience this as approval for Sagittarians. The Taurean endorsement is grounded in the shared desire “to have what is best”. Taurus natives admire the Sagittarian ability to perceive “flaws” that might exist in any entity or situation, their willingness to openly criticize the imperfect, and their demand for reform. Though Taureans are flaw-conscious and also wish for improvement, being Venus-ruled lovers of peace, they shrink from disturbing the status quo by agitating for change. Taurus people often see Sagittarians as the entertaining champions of those who wish for something better. It should be noted, however, that Sagittarian wishes focus on the philosophical while Taurean desires tend toward the material. Taureans offer Sagittarius people helpful support and model socially graceful behavior. Taurus + Sagittarius relationships work best when everyone understands this.
You Receive Support
Taurus + Libra
Cool and somewhat detached Libras make good friends for those born with their Sun in the fixed earth sign Taurus. Libras admire the practical solidity of Taureans and, being Venus-ruled, both share a love of beauty and nature. Libras bring a light touch to the Taurus + Libra relationship and can help to lift Taureans out of the sometimes wearisome ‘one-foot-in-front-of-the-other’ mind set of the indefatigable builder. From time to time, Taureans may feel that the Libra perspective on life is not serious enough, but Taurus people do well to understand that every so often they need this influence.
You Feel Crowded
Taurus + Taurus
Though Taurus people understand each other well, the Taurus + Taurus relationship may feel a bit uncomfortable. Competition for limited resources (both wanting that which is the best, most beautiful, most valuable, etc.) can create an unpleasant social environment. Both Taureans involved in a relationship will probably be organically aware of how the same gamesmanship strategies are being employed by their counterpart to achieve similar goals. This may cause a natural turning away to avoid the energy demand of competition. There may also be a wish to avoid an uncomfortable moment of self-discovery.
You Experience Instinctive Attraction
Taurus + Aquarius
Taurus people usually feel irresistibly attracted to those born with their Sun in Aquarius. The positive energy moving from Taurus to Aquarius is available for the full spectrum of social relationships including peer relationships, friendships, business relationships, familial relationships, and romantic unions. The nature of this attraction is an organic phenomenon but Taureans explain their fascination by attributing superior qualities to the Aquarian object of their interest. Sometimes approval changes dramatically to anger, when Aquarians do not respond in kind to Taurean overtures. This is characteristic for the Taurus + Aquarius union. This relationship runs smoothly only when both parties pour effort and energy into succeeding.
You Feel Unexplainable Discomfort
Taurus + Leo
Taurus people experience discomfort in the presence of Leos. This holds true for all types of Taurus + Leo relationships: business, friendship, romantic, or familial (except for Leo children, who do not express their Sun sign strongly until adulthood). Because of the organic nature of energetic incompatibility between the signs, Taureans distance themselves from Leos. Even when Taureans are fully aware of the many beauties possessed by Leo natives they move away from them unconsciously. Interactions between Taurus + Leos within a formal relationship framework (e.g. employee / employer) or a very casual framework (e.g. neighbor) are not difficult to manage, but an intimate relationship between the two signs requires extra effort in order to maintain concord.
You Get a Broader Perspective
Taurus + Scorpio
Due to Scorpio’s relentless drive to uncover the unknown and the Taurean drive to uphold all with established excellence, the Taurus + Scorpio relationship can be very intense. The essential focus of both signs is in opposition, but the force of the commitment to their interest is the same, and this is where they harmonize. Unions between opposite signs (Taurus and Scorpio are 180 degrees apart) offer a unique opportunity to see the world from the opposite standpoint, a perspective that is valid and yet almost impossible to appreciate. Romantic Taurus + Scorpio relationships tend to be passionate but when passions cool to ‘companionship’ levels an oppositional element may appear. Maintaining Taurus + Scorpio unions requires conscientious cooperation.

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.