Stable and Sympathetic
Virgo + Capricorn and Virgo + Taurus
Virgos get along well with the other Earth Signs – Capricorn and Taurus. There is something rather simple and sweet in the energy quality of the Earth Signs and their unions seem to magnify this. Amusement with the world’s folly is characteristic of Virgo + Capricorn liaisons. This particular blend of energies encourages a wry, yet conservative outlook. Both Virgo and Capricorn natives are socially aware but take pleasure in occasionally veering out of bounds and breaking minor rules. Like Virgo + Capricorn pairings, Virgo + Taurus unions are hard working and focus on the steady improvement of that which has material worth. When Virgo + Taurus couples can take time off to relax, they enjoy Venus ruled diversions – things and activities that are beautiful, sensually pleasing, and comfortably grounding.
Low Maintenance and Entertaining
Virgo + Scorpio and Virgo + Cancer
There is a natural easy-going connection in Virgo + Scorpio and Virgo + Cancer relationships. Virgos find Scorpios interesting and like to have their normally even emotional life intensified by the passions of Scorpio natives. Too much intensity, however, is upsetting for Virgos, so both partners must monitor the relationship comfort level. Virgo + Cancer unions are also fun, as both signs typically share a wish for enjoyment of human scale projects (e.g. fixing up a run-down house, finding treasures at yard-sales) and moments of quiet togetherness. The ballast of “doing what is right and fair” is an important aspect of the Virgo, Scorpio, and Cancer psyche, and acts to maintain balance between practicality and pleasure. Things work out well if there is give and take in the relationship, and if all parties remember not to assume that their partner shares their personal view.
Constructive Partnerships
Virgo + Libra and Virgo + Leo
Virgo + Libra and Virgo + Leo unions make very good partnerships. In both pairings Virgos bring a realistic view about what is possible and model the steady application of effort that is needed for continuing success. In Virgo + Leo relationships, Virgos are often emotionally supported by their Leo partner and, in turn, Virgos act as a private guide to social decorum for sometimes overly self-focused Leos. Virgos are also willing to take a back-set to Leos (who feel most comfortable with this arrangement) and to supply dependable help toward fulfilling mutual goals. In the Virgo + Libra partnership Virgos often act as the quality monitor for joint endeavors while Libras add aesthetic flair and grace in dealing with the public. Virgo + Libra and Virgo + Leo relationships work best when a shared project is always in the works. Without a well-defined, active goal – things may start to seem dull.
You Offer Help
Virgo + Aries
Due to the laws of astrological influence Virgo people feel the wish to offer help to those born under the sign of Aries. Virgos admire Arien fearlessness and drive. They also see the spontaneous and loving nature that Aries people possess, which delights them. Reserved Virgos wish to be around people who express these traits. But Virgos also see that Aries people tend to have trouble with making steady, continuous efforts. Fortunately, Virgos have the gift of ‘constancy of striving’ and are usually willing to show Ariens how to develop this skill and use it for success. To accept Virgo’s gift may cause Aries natives to feel uncomfortable in having to acknowledge that they lack certain abilities or need help; this can wound their pride. But Virgos are true friends to Ariens and the energy of their interest and approval, given so freely, is usually far greater than the damage done to the Aries ego.
You Receive Help
Virgo + Aquarius
Just as Virgos are compelled by the laws of astrological influence to support their Aries compatriots, those born with Sun in Aquarius are compelled to be of service to Virgos. On the surface the Virgo + Aquarius pairing may seem a bit odd, as Virgos are intrinsically methodical and socially correct while Aquarians are unpredictable and often socially provocative. But Virgo and Aquarius people do share one very important impulse … both, in their essential nature, are willing to help others. This point of agreement is the basis for their mutual respect and friendship. Aquarians admire Virgo natives’ honesty and humility and often look to them for sound advice. Virgos, in turn, feel high regard for the Aquarian ability to act fairly, and without self-interest, toward others. At times air-borne Aquarians may test the patience of earth-bound Virgos but the relationship can remain strong as long as Virgos appreciate the visionary ideas and supportive energy they receive from their Aquarian allies.
You May Feel Lonely
Virgo + Virgo
Of all the relationships between individuals of the same sign, the Virgo + Virgo union is the most likely to run smoothly. This can be attributed to the Virgo tendency to focus on the fine details of what is required. So whether one’s Virgo counterpart is zeroing in on the fulfillment of his or her commitments to career, to family, or to just finishing up a chore, the Virgo focus is ever directed toward what has to be done now. Shifting focus from what has to be done now to what has to be done a second from now, creates the Virgo natives’ characteristic tunnel-like and solitary outlook. This totally absorbing view point gives partners the sense that they have a lot of privacy and a lot of freedom. This is great – no one gets in anyone’s way and no one steps on anyone’s toes. But the downside to this modus operandi is that with so much personal space the Virgos in the Virgo + Virgo relationship often get lonely. If a lasting union is wished for, it is necessary to plan activities that can be shared. Like the other same-sign pairings, a note of crowding can exist in Virgo + Virgo relationships when very different ideas about ‘how to proceed’ surface. But for the most part, any irritation that arises is ameliorated by the relief Virgos feel when they realize that someone else cares as much as they do about how things should be done.
You Feel A Magnetic Attraction
Virgo + Gemini
Virgos are magnetized by those born under the Astrological Sign Gemini. Virgos rarely experience the ‘hopelessly-in-love’ or ‘passionately obsessed’ end of the attraction-behavior-spectrum because their basic nature is realistic and reserved. But Virgos do feel, and radiate, approval and real fondness for their Gemini object(s) of interest, whether they are relatives, friends, sweethearts, or counterparts in peer or non-peer relationships. The Virgo + Gemini relationship is challenging in that Virgos generally try to establish a concrete understanding of “what is” or “what is going on” and this is anathema to the Gemini approach of valuing the fleeting impression. Virgo + Gemini unions work best when both partners maintain a viva la difference attitude, and when Geminis appreciate the energy and support they receive from their Virgo companions.
You Feel Uneasy And Nervous
Virgo + Sagittarius
Due to the dictates of astrological influence those born with Sun in Sagittarius are very attracted to Virgos. But, also due to the same laws, Virgos feel nervous in the presence of their Sagittarian admirers. Because Virgos tend to feel undervalued (or perhaps slightly invisible) they love the attention they receive from generous and garrulous Sagittarians. To feel loved is very powerful, intoxicating, and sometimes addictive and while riding the coat-tails of this energy the Virgo + Sagittarius relationship may last for a long time. But after a while the Sagittarian nature may start to annoy fussy Virgos. Sagittarians like to ‘let-it-all-hang-out’ while Virgos prefer ‘precise control’. Sagittarians are emotionally open, outspoken, and often challenging, while Virgos are careful and maneuver subtly to get what they want or to avoid trouble. Both signs share a love of knowledge and truth and wish for personal and public justice as well as sharing a mutual appreciation of the creative arts. Like values bring Sagittarius and Virgo people together but their different styles drive them apart. Modest Virgos have trouble tolerating the volatile and highly dramatic style of expression that is characteristic of Sagittarians. And to preserve their peace of mind, Virgos may start to avoid contact. The avoidance naturally has a negative impact on the relationship. Virgo + Sagittarius unions have the best chance for a long life-span when both partners understand the difficulty intrinsic in different styles and work conscientiously to accept each other.
You See The Big Picture
Virgo + Pisces
Every World Age is under the rule of one particular sign of the Zodiac. The Age of Gemini extended from 6500 B.C. to 4500 B.C. The Age of Taurus ended in 1800 B.C. and was followed by the Age of Aries which concluded in 1 A.D. Egyptologists confirm that as the astronomical ages changed the ancient Egyptians intentionally altered the symbols used in their art and architecture in order to create a cultural atmosphere that harmonized with the astronomical cycle.* For example, during the Age of Gemini symbols of “Duality” dominated. As the Gemini Age ended duality motifs were replaced by “Bull” symbols – for the Age of Taurus. And at the beginning of the Aries Age, “Bull” symbols were torn down and replaced with images of the “Ram”. We are now coming to the end of the Age of Pisces, and it is interesting to note that the Age of Pisces was also the Age of Christianity, often symbolized by the “Fish”. Most astrologers, who are interested in the impact of the astronomical ages, feel that each age has two opposite poles that dominate and influence the psyche of human-kind. During the Age of Pisces the opposite poles were Pisces and Virgo. It is curious that so long after the fall of Ancient Egypt, and in the heart of Western civilization, the symbols for the two poles of the Age of Pisces (the Christian “Fish” symbol and the “Virgin” symbol associated with the mother of Jesus of Nazareth), have been so prevalent in art, architecture, and cultural awareness and have endured for over 2000 years.On the scale the individual, the Virgo + Pisces relationship is a union of opposites that, when balanced, can allow access to the “big picture”. Bringing Virgo’s practical acceptance of the work needed to nurture and maintain growth into harmony with the Piscean feel for subtle realities opens the door to new understanding. When a Virgo native’s conscientious physical effort is attuned to the imaginative and more insubstantial Piscean domain a kind of sustained excellence is produced, and both the material and feeling aspects of life are enhanced. Both Virgo and Pisces people can be extraordinarily kind and when the two signs are in harmony the atmosphere of caring they generate is exceptional. Though it is not easy to reconcile the polar opposite life focus, cooperation between the Signs along with some self-sacrifice can yield a lasting relationship and greater insight into the nature of reality.

*See: Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt by John Anthony West. Pp. 90-104

Please note: The astrological relationships described above represent a simple summary of natural affinities for particular astrological Sun signs. These affinities can be exaggerated or modified by other elements in one’s birth chart (such as placement of the Sun by degree, the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc.) and can also be affected by the conditioning of our life experiences. It is helpful to remember that whether our astrological relationships are easy or challenging, every relationship can be instructive and enriching when we view our experiences with tolerance and awareness.