In the natural astrological chart* the 7th House is inhabited by Libra. The Libra cusp or line that separates the 6th and 7th Houses is called the descendant. (It is an extension of the ascendant – the line that separates 12th and 1st Houses.) The descendant corresponds to sunset at the end of a day and also to the end of summer for the year. Summer and Virgo’s rule ends, and Libra’s rule begins, at the autumnal equinox which is marked by the descendant line.

The Natural Astrological Chart – The Cosmic Clock by Warren Kenton*

The Seventh House is under the rulership of Venus, the planet / goddess who holds sway over partnership. Seventh House matters include ‘others’ in general: one’s spouse, business partnerships, open enemies and rivals. Its sphere of influence also includes alliances and treaties, lawyers and lawsuits, settlements, marriage and divorce, and contests.

‘Sun in Libra’ (or in any of the other signs) is a term used to express the astronomical reality that the Sun, Moon and planets appear to be moving strictly within the band of the zodiac. They are always seen before the backdrop of the astrological constellations. The planets seem to have freedom of movement because they travel from astrological constellation to constellation. The planets (the word planet means wandering star in ancient Greek) appear to move while the ‘stars’ of the constellations appear stationary.

In Homer’s mythological masterpieces, The Iliad and The Odyssey, we are told that the gods live and meet in counsel on Mount Olympus (except for Hades, also known as Pluto, who dwells in the Underworld). Both a god’s domicile and seat in counsel can be understood as the astrological constellation with which he / she is associated. These constellations are represented in an astrological chart by the Houses. For example, the domicile of Venus is the Seventh House, which is associated with the constellation Libra, the Scales. The constellation Libra is located in the sky between the Virgo and Scorpius constellations; and in the natural astrological chart, which is a map of the sky, between the Sixth House (Virgo) and Eighth House (Scorpio). It should be mentioned that Venus has a second home – but that is a story for another time!

It is helpful to remember that in myth the gods represent the Sun, Moon and planets of our solar system. They are thought to focus and transmit a particular quality of energy that radiates from the sector of the heavens where they are located.

The energy quality associated with those born with ‘Sun in Libra’ bestows a cool eye, which weighs and measures all that comes within its purview. The ability to perceive and appreciate balance motivates the Libra wish for moderate and pleasant manifestations in all things. Libras understand the symmetry of beauty and possess the ability to create environments that promote harmonious social exchange. Librans, lovers of peace and enjoyable encounters, usually possess the gift of diplomacy, and herein lies one of their weaknesses; because they wish to avoid anything confrontational and unpleasant, they may not always be completely open and honest. This behavior is often employed as much to avoid causing others pain as it is to avoid feeling pain themselves.

Libras are Venus-ruled and like the goddess tend to be effortlessly tasteful and graceful but they may also occasionally express the negative side of the Venusian nature. In Libra this is manifested by laziness or a procrastinating response to unpleasant chores, and by a secret selfishness. However, because time spent with Libras is so enjoyable – we forgive and forget their flaws, and value their social wisdom and the delightful atmosphere they create.

*”Cosmic Clock” image by Warren Kenton from The Anatomy of Fate: Astrology and Kabbalah by Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi.