Transit Calendars

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The astrological attraction-repulsion pattern is a configuration of astrological signs whose relationship reflects an increase or decrease of physical and psychic energy. To discover how the astrological attraction-repulsion pattern affects you, first: print Current Transit Calendar. See instructions below.

Next: Evaluate and rate the state of your body (B), your mind (M), your feelings (F), and your social interactions (S), noting how you affect others as well as how others affect you. To do this, choose a simple rating system. You can use your own words: great, terrible, cheerful, grumpy, and so forth. Or you might choose a ‘1-10’ system where: 10 = the best possible and 1 = the worst.

Finally: Record your ‘ratings’ directly on the Transit Calendar page each day. If you feel fit and energetic, you might record a ’10’ in the space next to ’B’ for body. If you feel moody or short-tempered you might record a ‘2’ next to ‘F’ for feelings. If you are mentally clear and positive you could record a ‘9’ next to the ‘M’ for mind. And if everyone gets on your nerves or if co-workers seem to avoid you, you might record a ‘1’ next to ‘S’ for social interactions. See sample below.

Please note that in the sample above most days received average ratings of ‘5’ and ‘6’. However, when the Moon was in Virgo, the Mind (M) received high ratings of ‘9’ and ‘10’. When the Moon was in Scorpio, the Feelings (F), Mind (M), and Social Interactions (S) received low ratings of ‘1’ and ’2’; but when the Moon was near the end of Scorpio (29 degrees) these ratings started to improve.

At the end of each month Transit Diary entries should be reviewed. The days with high or low BFMS ratings should be specially noted. In a few months you will begin to see a rating pattern emerge that will repeat month after month and year after year.

Discovering your pattern is the first step toward understanding your transit-related energy highs and lows and toward identifying the signs that are key players in your own astrological attraction-repulsion pattern.

To Print Your Calendar:

  • Click on the calendar below. This will take you to Google Docs (there is no need for an account).
  • At the top, select the “Printer” icon.
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