Transit Diary

How to Use the Transit Diary

*Find your monthly Transit Diary at the bottom of this page.

The Transit Diary is meant as a support for work with monthly Transit Calendars. It is easy to use.

Simply print a Transit Diary page for the current month and record any unusual events along with a brief summary of the day in the ‘Comment’ column.

This procedure is simple but it takes time to gather the data you need. After a few months you will see a pattern emerge in your diary comments. For example, you may always feel ‘highly energized’ when the Moon is in a particular astrological sign, or you may notice that ‘people oppose you’ when the Moon is in another sign. Seeing this pattern again and again is enlightening. You will see it repeat throughout the year.

See sample below.

Moon / Sun Comment
8/1/11 Moon 28Virgo
Sun 8Leo
Gave the Dodd’s presentation today…very clear. A nice day.
8/2/11 Moon 30Virgo
Sun 9Leo
Lunch with KL – a really nice talk. Quiet day
8/3/11 Moon 2Libra
Sun 10Leo
An ordinary sunny day.
8/4/11 Moon 4Libra
Sun 11Leo
Had a run in with Natalie again **^!^#+*!# Exhausting!

To fully understand the astrological attraction-repulsion pattern print a monthly Transit Calendar page and a Transit Diary page; hole-punch and place them in a loose-leaf binder. Use the Calendar page to rate your daily experience and the Diary page to give details.

Your Transit Calendar page should face its corresponding Transit Diary page so the entries can be easily compared; this will help you to identify your transit-related energy cycle and the signs that are key players in your personal astrological attraction-repulsion pattern.

To Print Your Transit Diary Page:

  • Click on the diary page below. This will take you to Google Docs (there is no need for an account).
  • In the top, select the “Printer” icon.
June 2021 Transit Diary
July 2021 Transit Diary
Aug 2021 Transit Diary